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ATTICA, N.Y. – Dairy NExT, LLC, emerges as a pioneering force in dairy nutrition and consulting, uniting the strengths of four esteemed organizations: Advanced Dairy Services, Button Nutrition Inc., Cows Come First, LLC and Rapp Dairy Nutrition. Committed to driving value for dairy clients, these four organizations are continuing their collective legacy by establishing a learning-centric and value-driven collaboration focused on elevating dairy nutrition, herd health and management support to the highest possible level.

“By drawing on our individual strengths and openly sharing our collective experiences, we have the tools to keep our dairy nutrition and consulting expertise well ahead of the curve” shared Erich Estes, Business Manager for the new organization. “We’re in this for our dairy producers, and when we have an answer to a question they haven’t yet asked, we know we’re doing it right.”

Dairy NExT’s mission is to empower their dairy producers with exceptional guidance and support, and to set the industry’s benchmark for performance. Through deep collaboration, unrelenting innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, the organization drives nutritional strategies, enhances herd health, and elevates overall productivity to the highest levels possible, setting new standards and ensuring sustainable progress for their producers and the entire dairy industry.

With a network of dairy nutrition consultants throughout the United States, they stand ready to deliver tailored solutions and transformative insights to dairy producers.

For more information about Dairy NExT, please contact our business manager, Erich Estes, at (585)-595-2875, or visit our website at