June 18 2024 04:14 PM

Forging dairy’s path forward through policies, practices and priorities

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Dairy Business Association announced today that the annual Dairy Strong conference will return to Green Bay on Jan 15-16 for the 2025 event.

The 2025 conference, to be held at the KI Convention Center, will focus on the future of the dairy community and how it’s being shaped through policy, practices and priorities. Coming on the heels of a presidential election in November, Dairy Strong programming will include timely and focused topics to help move dairy forward.

This past January, the annual conference brought together more than 400 attendees, representing over 280,000 cows. The 2025 event will be the second year that Dairy Strong will take place in Green Bay, kicking off at one of the city’s greatest attractions: the historic Lambeau Field stadium.

“Continuing to move the dairy community forward in all aspects of the industry is our philosophy at the Dairy Business Association,” Tim Trotter, DBA CEO, said. “This motivates our work and the work of the entire dairy community. We’re eager to gather among friends at the Dairy Strong conference again in 2025 as we keep moving dairy’s path forward.”

Sponsorship and exhibit information, speaker updates and other announcements about the 2025 Dairy Strong conference will be posted at dairystrong.org.

About DBA:

The Dairy Business Association is Wisconsin’s leading dairy advocacy group, championing smart and sensible regulations affecting the dairy community. The nonprofit organization is comprised of farmers, milk processors, vendors and other business partners who work collaboratively to ensure that dairy farms of all sizes have the support they need to keep America’s Dairyland strong. More information: www.dairyforward.com.