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Wisconsin Farmers Union is excited to announce the launch of Season 2 of the Farmer-Labor Podcast, an educational series that delves into the dynamics of power within the agricultural sector. Hosted by Zoe Sullivan, this 5-episode season explores how farmers and workers build power and why their solidarity is crucial across the economy.

“Too often, the people on both ends of the food system are pitted against each other as they seek to be valued for their contributions. Meanwhile, the corporations dominating the sector are siphoning out all the profits, leaving working people to fight for the scraps,” said Lauren Langworthy, Director of Special Projects at Wisconsin Farmers Union. “That’s why it’s so important for farmers, laborers, and eaters to understand each other’s personal stories and perspectives. We must recognize how those systemic issues in our food system - like consolidation, low prices, low wages, and inequitable access - are negatively impacting us all.”

Season 2 brings together compelling voices from within the Farmers Union, Wisconsin, and beyond, making a strong case for farmers to embrace solidarity across the economy. Each episode features in-depth discussions and personal stories that highlight the challenges and triumphs within the agricultural community. The podcast is available for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and the Wisconsin Farmers Union website. New episodes will be available every Tuesday starting June 4th.