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This spring, the Dairy Discovery Zone (DDZ) made stops at notable events including National Western Stock Show, San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, and Rodeo Austin. The traveling, interactive exhibit features a nostalgic Divco Milk Truck showcasing the Journey of Milk Experience from farm-to-table, the Farm Experience honoring the diligent efforts of dairy farmers in producing safe and sustainable food and the YUM Experience, which highlights the yumminess of milk, cheese and yogurt.

The DDZ is unique in its method of offering an experience to fans, providing engaging education on dairy’s sustainability story and the nutritional value of dairy foods. Each area is enhanced with digital video games that align with the rising popularity of gaming and allow visitors to experience hands-on how to build their own dairy farm, follow the journey of milk from farm-to-table and learn how farmers care for their animals and the environment.

Throughout the spring tour, the DDZ offered visitors a chance to immerse themselves in the dairy community through attractions like Dairy by Design, the interactive game “Would You Rather” and the Divco Milk Truck experience, where participants could listen to dairy-themed radio channels. The animatronic dairy cow and the Oculus-powered Virtual Farm Tour continued to be focal points, offering hands-on milking and a 360 virtual reality experience of farm life that captivated all ages!

“The Dairy Discovery Zone's mission is to engage and educate families about the importance of dairy in a fun and interactive way,” said Adrian Castresana, director of consumer experience and events at Dairy MAX. “This season we've seen record engagement numbers, which shows a growing interest and enjoyment in our educational offerings.”

Through these engaging and interactive experiences, the DDZ attracted large crowds eager to learn about dairy:

“The Dairy Discovery Zone transcends the typical exhibit format, serving as a conduit that links today’s families to the origins of dairy farming,” stated Castresana. “Our presence at these events has afforded us a remarkable chance to educate, captivate and entertain attendees, sharing the journey of dairy from farm to table.”

The DDZ plans to continue its journey, inspiring new audiences with the importance of dairy in a balanced diet along with the innovations and sustainable practices of the dairy community. Upcoming locations and dates for the DDZ can be found on

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