Tucker Hardy, Belleville, Penna., was honored November 5, 2011 as the winner of the National Jersey Youth Production Contest with Sniders Future Fenola. The contest drew 88 entries from 52 Jersey youth across the United States. Rankings are made in two divisions. Division I includes first lactation records, provided the cow calved for the first time before 30 months of age. All other records are ranked in Division II. The cow with the highest dollar value is then declared the contest winner. Cash awards and certificates were presented to the top 10 juniors in each division at the Junior Banquet held in conjunction with The All American Jersey Shows & Sales in Louisville, Ky. With an MCP value of $5,962.53, "Fenola" was the Division II winner. She produced 28,500 lbs. milk, 1,671 lbs. fat and 1,055 lbs. protein in a 290-day lactation beginning at 7 years, 8 months of age, for an m.e. of 30,143-1,808-1,111. "Fenola" is scored Excellent-94% and was the 2008 Junior All American Aged Cow. Lawtons Dawson Elizabeth, owned by Nathan Lawton, Newark Valley, N.Y., topped Division I with a dollar value of $5,081.83 and an m.e. of 29,263-1,445-974. Actual production was 21,880 lbs. milk, 1,103 lbs. fat and 724 lbs. protein, calving at 1 year, 10 months of age. For complete story including all rankings and link to picture, see http://www.usjersey.com/News/11_NR_NJYProductionContest.doc 12.12.2011