I place this class of Brown Swiss aged cows D B C A. D leads out the class and places over B on her overall strength, power and balance throughout. D is deeper in the chest and heart, has more body capacity and displays more depth to her rear rib. D also has an advantage in mammary system in that D is more level on the udder floor and her fore udder blends more smoothly into the body wall. D also has a more desirable slope to the rump and is neater in the tail head. I recognize B is cleaner about the head and neck and is cleaner through the hock.

Next, in a close middle placing, B goes over C on her advantage in udder, carrying her udder higher above the hocks, and having more height and width of rear udder. B also has more spring of rib and is more angular throughout. I grant C is more level from hooks to pins and also has more depth of rib.

Finally, in a logical placing, C places over A on her definite advantage in dairy quality. C has more openness and sweep to her rib, is longer and leaner in her neck, sharper over her shoulder and cleaner through the thigh. C also has more depth and spring of rib than A. C has more balance to the rear udder, faulting the light, right rear quarter on A. Furthermore, C also has more width between her pins and has a more desirable tail head setting. Although I admire the youthfulness of A, she lacks the overall dairy character and udder balance to place any higher in this class of Brown Swiss cows.

Plato, Minn.
Sprengeler placed the BROWN SWISS. He and his wife, Becky, own and operate Arthurst Farm in Plato, Minn., where they milk 100 Brown Swiss. The third-generation dairy farmer has exhibited Grand or Reserve Grand Champion 14 times at the Minnesota State Fair and has garnered either Premier Breeder and/or Exhibitor banners for the past 15 years. As a collegiate judge, he was a member of the University of Minnesota's 1978 National Championship team. Since then he judged shows across the country, including the Brown Swiss at World Dairy Expo, and in Brazil, France, Mexico and Peru.
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