2013 Hoard's Dairyman Red & White Judging Class

I placed this great class of Red and Whites C B A D.

C tops the class fairly easy for me. C wins with the combination of her dairy strength and the fact that she has the best udder in the class. C has a higher and wider rear udder attachment than B. C is also longer from the tip of her nose to her tail. I also admire the depth of rib and the width and power that she possesses. I do admit B is a bit longer in the fore udder attachment.

Next, B goes over A because she is snugger in her fore udder attachment and also has a deeper suspensory ligament than A. B also has more width to rear udder, is more correct on her feet and legs, and has more width of pins than A. I grant that A is slightly cleaner throughout the neck.

In my final placing, A has more dairy strength than D. A also is smoother in her fore udder attachment and has less reverse tilt to the udder, noting the heavy front quarters on D. A is also stronger across the topline than D. A also has more width of chest in the front end and more depth of heart than D.

You admire the sharpness and angularity of D but would like to strengthen the fore udder attachment and see her stand on a more correct set of feet and legs to place her any higher in this class of Red and Whites.

Botkins, Ohio.
Topp placed the RED AND WHITES. Topp is a partner in his family's Topp-View farm which includes Brown Swiss and Holsteins and has had champions at World Dairy Expo, the North American International Livestock Exposition, the Ohio State Fair and the Ohio Spring Dairy Expo. Topp has judged the Eastern, Southern and Southeastern National Holstein Shows. He also has judged state shows in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin as well as numerous district and county fairs. Topp is a nutritionist for Maria Stein Grain. He and his wife, Mary, have two daughters.
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