TechMix brought BlueLite® to the market in 1983, the most recognized brand in livestock hydration support. BlueLite has often been recognized as “Gatorade for animals” and is the technological gold standard for hydration in the livestock industry. The outstanding performance results in livestock supplemented with BlueLite are undeniable, and these successes continue to be a catalyst for further innovations.

Over the years, innovators within TechMix have collaborated alongside a global brain trust of livestock producers, veterinarians, nutritionists and academics developing products bearing practical application throughout the industry. The outcome of these endeavors has been an ever-expanding line of technologies meeting animal’s physiologic needs for performance and recovery during specific production phases or when experiencing a stress event inherent to production livestock operations.

Two core tenets drive TechMix innovation: 1. outcomes must meet a need (or multiple needs) of the animal and, 2. the innovation must consider the greater welfare of both animals and humans. These tenets have led TechMix down the path of effective non-pharma products that meet the demands of consumers and industry needs. The result is a product portfolio that delivers the right nutrients at the right time to keep animals drinking, eating and producing.

Sept. 5 2022
Fresh cows are the most vulnerable animals in your operation. Giving them a good start after calving profoundly impacts both short-term and long-term herd profits