TIMAB USA is part of Groupe Roullier, a family-owned company founded in 1959. With TIMAB Magnesium, and its subsidiaries MAGNESITAS NAVARRAS and MAGNESIUM DO BRASIL, Groupe Roullier has developed an expertise that is unique worldwide in three applications of magnesia: agricultural, industrial and refractories. With more than 40 years of experience as specialists in Magnesium, TIMAB USA puts research and development at the heart of its approach and innovates daily to meet the needs of customers, seeking effective animal nutrition. Essentially the company strives to understand customers’ challenges and deliver what’s required to offset those challenges.

To offer the ideal magnesium products to producers within the dairy industry, TIMAB USA has its own development teams, supported by the World Innovation Center (Centre Mondial de l’Innovation) CMI of Groupe Roullier. With two integrated production sites: Magnesitas Navarras and Magnesium do Brasil, the company can ensure full traceability for its products. Thanks to their network of partners and strategic alliances, TIMAB USA sales network is always available to respond to customers’ needs.

Nov. 21 2022
TIMAB USA, a subsidiary of TIMAB Magnesium, works with dairy farmers to help them maximize their herd's performance while meeting the unique nutritional needs of each animal. With innovate adapted so