March 7 2024
Farmers are well aware of the challenges that come with various strains of salmonella, but handling an outbreak of sick animals can still be difficult. What can be done when Salmonella Dublin (S. Dublin)...
Jan. 2 2024
As we enter a new year, remember that goals are part of a business plan
Dec. 18 2023
Whether leading a fully staffed farm or a family of five, overseeing an operation means being responsible for production and efficiency on a day-to-day basis
April 4 2023
We tend to assume that in automated milking systems (AMS), cows spend little to no time waiting to be milked compared to cows that stand in a holding area, waiting to be milked in the parlor
Feb. 23 2023
The benefits of adequate resting time include less stress, more milk production, less lameness, and greater longevity
Aug. 29 2022
It is not uncommon for farms to house more dairy cows in a pen than there are stalls. Overcrowding is a way to dilute a farm’s fixed assets — but do the benefits outweigh the costs?
March 31 2022
A first lactation heifer’s initial experience in a voluntary milking system or robot is so important to the cow and the farmer
March 30 2022
No matter how convicted one feels about their product, there is always a substitute. The one thing that is hard to replace, however, is the relationship with the team behind the product
March 14 2022
The details add up to high production was presented by: Dairy farmer Alex Neuenschwander and his veterinarian, Mark Hardesty of the Maria Stein Animal Clinic
Feb. 17 2022
Most every dairy has a list of projects they’d like to complete “someday,” if there were only enough time and money. What would you add to your dairy if you were not limited by a budget?
Feb. 3 2022
Working with cows, heifers, and calves each day is a highlight of the job for many dairy farmers. What’s not as enjoyable is dealing with the other animals that may show up on a farm, like birds,...
Oct. 14 2021
An update on cooling and ventilation for dairy cattlepresented by Nigel Cook, MRCVS, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary MedicineSponsored by Tunnel PlusNigel Cook, MRCVS, Univer
Oct. 4 2021
“It will be a disaster!” That was my thought last month when I learned that my laboratory technician was moving to another state and, therefore, leaving the laboratory in September
Aug. 23 2021
Barns are built for cows, but unfortunately, sometimes birds move in, too. These feathered visitors can be a nuisance and so much more
Aug. 19 2021
As knowledge surrounding greenhouse gas emissions continues to grow, those in agriculture have identified manure digesters as part of the solution. This technology carries a two-fold benefit of reduci
Aug. 19 2021
During the August 18 Hoard’s Dairyman DairyLivestream, four panelists discussed how investing in a methane digester could benefit a dairy operation by generating renewable natural gas to sell
Aug. 9 2021
Dairy employees got the chance to bond with coworkers during the two-weekend Dairy Soccer Cup
April 12 2021
Over the past two months, a number of consultants asked why some of their Holstein herds’ milkfat and protein concentrations are well above historic levels
April 8 2021
Prior to moving his cows to their new home, Alan Waybright made a few fairly modest changes to the facilities that paid back quickly. He shared his most beneficial modifications during a Center for Dairy...
March 18 2021
I saw a Facebook post the other day from an old college friend that said if you don’t believe that there is still sexism in 2021, then feel free to walk with her into a variety of presumably male-dominated...