July 15 2019
Eighteen years after Canada became the first country in the world to make radio frequency identification or RFID tags mandatory for cattle identification, it appears the U.S. will finally follow suit as...
June 1 2019
Health and milk production are optimized by ensuring dairy cows maintain sufficient nutrient intake to meet their requirements
Jan. 21 2019
We build dairy barns for cows, but birds are often unwanted guests that also make themselves at home
Jan. 11 2019
Dairy farming in the northern United States during the winter months is cold, long, and tough. My family jokes around when we say a lot of what you do during the months of December, January, and February...
Sept. 3 2018
“When a cow in the first parity gives birth to a stillborn calf, that animal is three times more likely to leave the herd in the first 14 days immediately after calving,” said Michael van...
Aug. 22 2018
“Hello ma’am, is the owner or the gentleman in charge of the purchasing decisions around?”
June 1 2018
My family’s dairy has had great luck and bad luck with employee turnover. We have had people work for us who I have known since I was in elementary school
May 21 2018
The feeding behavior patterns of dairy cattle are known to impact health, productivity, and welfare. Trevor DeVries, University of Guelph, will discuss how the way we feed, house, and manage calves impacts...
April 10 2018
A grant-funded project has helped two herds combine high milk production per cow with high components. New York’s Farm Viability Institute provided funding for an 18-month-long project
April 9 2018
Grouping strategies have a huge impact on cows’ lactations and lifetime production
April 2 2018
Advancements such as robotics, sexed semen, and RFID tags all enhance the efficiency of daily work on the dairy farm.
April 2 2018
In your March 25 Hoard’s Dairyman Intel, “Consider economic culling,” the one item not taken into account is the size of the cow
March 21 2018
Nurturing the next generation of dairy farmers is time well spent
March 19 2018
What will dairy look like in the future? It was that question that spurred dairy consultant Jack Britt to collaborate with a team of experts to examine dairying in the future
March 12 2018
One Christmas I asked for and received a Rubik’s cube – the three-dimensional puzzle
March 10 2018
The herd makes its way to the milking parlor where the cows are fed a supplemental total mixed ration (TMR) during morning and night milking
March 10 2018
We all have learned a lot more about the importance of facilities and cow comfort by studying cows housed in freestall barns, which may include turn-out lots on dirt or pasture
March 9 2018
When you laugh, the whole body relaxes. Lyndy Phillips said that one minute of laughter boosts the immune system for 24 hours.
Feb. 21 2018
This homework may include you spending a little money on blood samples or feed samples, but spending a little money now before spending a lot of money later may actually save you money and time in the...
Feb. 8 2018
Farmers must be cautious when adding new members to their staff