May 19 2022
Though we might not always be set up to succeed, dairy farmers overcome challenges every day to care for our animals and our business
May 10 2022
We look for the sweet spot, but extremes in prices and weather swing dairy farms up and down
May 5 2022
These creatures reflect the changing of the seasons on our farm
May 4 2022
Farmers have just as much responsibility, if not more, to make sure everyone arrives home safely
April 26 2022
A farming legacy is honorable and desirable but not without challenges
April 19 2022
If you find yourself with a negative review on Google, there are ways to redeem your image
April 14 2022
When we make adjustments on the farm, some are more successful than others, but we are continually learning and improving the herd
April 7 2022
Taking our time is necessary on the farm but also teaches valuable lessons
April 6 2022
Isolating ourselves does no good to reach the people consuming our products
March 28 2022
Discussions about a farm’s transition should be intentional with all vested parties at the table
March 25 2022
“They look like corporate, professional people wearing suits,” my friend exclaimed as I was talking to her about the Alliance’s work monitoring animal rights extremism
March 24 2022
Cows like routine just like humans do
March 23 2022
Most people still trust “farmers,” so let’s label ourselves what we really are
March 15 2022
A tragedy this weekend reminds us of the importance of being prepared
March 10 2022
March may be a crazy month, but knowing that our heifers are safe and that folks have resources to ask about agriculture makes it all worth the time
March 2 2022
Rather than asking someone what they do for work, consider asking what inspires them to do your job every day instead
Feb. 25 2022
Cows have personalities with each other just like we do
Feb. 10 2022
Constant changes in our weather make it more important for us to do what we can to keep our animals healthy
Feb. 8 2022
They may not be glamorous, but we can share what we love about our roles in agriculture to attract others
Jan. 24 2022
The cold allows us to prepare for a new season ahead