Oct. 21 2021
These apps can help your dairy run more smoothly
Oct. 5 2021
Whether you were in Madison or not, we are all in dairy together and it’s a cause for celebration
Sept. 22 2021
Days on the farm with people we know best can lead to some interesting conversations
Sept. 21 2021
Production livestock, including dairy, remains a topic of discussion at animal rights conferences
Sept. 15 2021
Sometimes looking at life from a different angle can totally change your perspective
Aug. 20 2021
Farmers usually have to do a lot more than the average person to prepare for a vacation day away from the farm
Aug. 19 2021
Family members and employees, past and present, have helped shape our dairy farm
Aug. 18 2021
By taking on leadership roles, we all have an opportunity to help shape the future of the dairy industry
May 31 2021
Dairy farmers use plans and protocols for many aspects of their operation to aid in animal care, business stability, employee compliance, and more
May 31 2021
When Pennsylvania dairy producer Jason Frye returned to the farm after working 20 years in the technology field, he was looking for the best way to make their 40-cow herd work in today’s economy
May 21 2021
Last week my classmates and I presented our final projects for the Cornell Dairy Fellows program, which serves as an opportunity to synthesize all the things we’ve learned throughout our undergraduate...
May 19 2021
I am not an easy person to work with, and I’ve never said or thought otherwise. When it comes to my cows, I am fierce
May 18 2021
A new year is finally upon us, and I’m sure I am not the only one who is excited to turn the page on 2020
May 17 2021
Value-added has become a popular term on many dairies in recent years, and there can be great benefits from turning your own milk into dairy products to sell
May 10 2021
Human beings are complex, and that means our interactions are, too
May 4 2021
I’ve been reading the book “Grit” by Angela Duckworth. She defines grit as passion and perseverance for long-term goals
April 28 2021
Assembling an “A-Team” roster and not just people on your payroll is easier than most think
April 21 2021
I didn’t grow up wanting to be a farmer. I resented being the farm kid. I couldn’t go to friend’s houses after school because there were calves to feed
Feb. 2 2021
There is no denying that dairy farming is a full-time job. Unfortunately, in this dairy economy, and really it seems for some time now, the key to survival is diversification
Jan. 27 2021
Anyone who knows me knows that I love Hallmark Channel movies. You know exactly how it’s going to end . . . happily ever after