Oct. 2 2023
Margins in the dairy industry have become more pinched over time. Some farms grow larger to keep margins profitable, but if your goal isn’t to get larger, what does the future look like for a small...
Sept. 19 2023
There are types of planning that I just love. Task me with making a meal plan for the week, and I am happy as a clam for thirty minutes or so as I research new recipes and page through old favorites to...
Aug. 24 2023
Though 2023 has largely been a financial disappointment for dairy farmers, those effects have been somewhat buffered by the strong milk prices received through much of last year. That’s reflected...
Aug. 7 2023
Disease does not discriminate against how it travels; it only seeks to find a new host. That’s why biosecurity efforts must encompass everyone who steps foot on a dairy farm
June 7 2023
One of the most interesting ways we at Hoard’s Dairyman are able to connect with our readers and the dairy community is when we receive visitors at our farm, which sits just outside of Fort Atkinson...
June 1 2023
Keeping up with changes to state and federal labor laws can be daunting. However, given the tight labor markets, dairy farms must redouble efforts to attract and retain employees
May 8 2023
Number one rule of crisis planning: prepare for the crisis before it happens. You’ve likely seen the devastating headlines by now about the farm fire in Texas that took the lives of thousands of...
Feb. 23 2023
“There should be a law against that! It’s so buttery, flaky, and delicious!” exclaimed Luke Zahm during the February 16, 2023, episode of the Wisconsin Foodie
Jan. 30 2023
One element of farm profitability is generating more revenue from the possessions you already own
Dec. 9 2022
As you move into 2023, don’t forget to think about goals and simple changes — both big and small — that could help you and your operation continue to improve
Dec. 8 2022
The one question I get asked the most as a robotic dairy farmer is this: How many cows can you run per robot? This is such a loaded question to me. I can dissect this one question into many diffe
Sept. 15 2022
No matter the season of the year or the season of life you’re in, farmhouses offer the ultimate warm embrace
Sept. 2 2022
Farm help is on the decline in our area and across the country, and it is a driving force for why some farms are choosing robotics
Aug. 23 2022
Safety is critical for anyone working on the farm, but there are a few reasons why women in agriculture may be at an elevated risk
Aug. 18 2022
When one of my family members needs to leave the farm for a bit, it’s nice to know the rest of us can team together and still get the work done
June 17 2022
From past to present, Guernseys have been a staple at the Hoard’s Dairyman Farm, and in 2021 the herd earned some new production awards
May 30 2022
Being in an unproductive meeting is frustrating for all involved. When no one feels like they are being heard, attendees think their time is being wasted
May 23 2022
Even when you take time off from your own dairy farm to get away, you wind up stepping foot on another one before you make it back home
April 19 2022
If you find yourself with a negative review on Google, there are ways to redeem your image
April 15 2022
Our calf ear tag numbering and coloring system has gone off the rails due to production and supply chain issues throughout the country