Sept. 10 2017
In 2000, the first pair of milking robots, known to bureaucrats as Automated Milking Systems (AMS), began milking cows on a commercial dairy farm in the U.S. But don’t tell the Food and Drug A
July 25 2017
Six months in, robots are a decision I would make again. My advice – be open to learning.
July 3 2017
For dairy farmer Jason Troyer, of RJT Dairy Farm in Centerville, Pa., the transition to the use of an automated milking system in 2015 was just a step in the robotic milking journey
June 12 2017
“We still have a lot to learn, but I don’t think there can ever be too much data,” commented Chaney’s Dairy Farm’s Dore Baker at the recent Precision Dairy Conference in Lexington,...
June 2 2017
There has been so much going on around the farm I couldn’t choose a topic to write about, so I’m going to update y’all on a few things
April 17 2017
In 2000, the first pair of milking robots, known to many as Automated Milking Systems (AMS), were installed on a commercial dairy farm and have been milking cows ever since
Jan. 10 2017
Happy New Year! Anyone else wondering where 2016 went? For myself, I am kind of wondering where the last two years went
Jan. 3 2017
Automated Milking Installations . . . known to most in dairy circles simply as milk robots . . . are in need of some updates
Nov. 21 2016
Feeding management in robotic dairies is all about meeting the goals of the dairy. Although this is true on all dairies, the University of Minnesota’s Jim Salfer described it as especially noteworthy
Sept. 26 2016
During the 18-month study that included 53 farms, visits per day and milking speed were the two most influential cow level factors. Both of these played a determining role in the amount of milk produced...
Aug. 1 2016
Feeding consistency is difficult with robots. Automated milking systems come with advantages that include customization of both milking schedules and feeding of concentrates based on individual cows' requirements....
Oct. 6 2015
The success of a robotic milking system depends on four good feet to get each cow to the robot with ease. "Healthy feet are absolutely critical for success in robot barns," said Jack Rodenburg from DairyLogix...
July 7 2015
Kiefland Holsteins in southeastern Minnesota installed its first robotic milkers in 2011, and the family has learned a great deal in the past four years
June 29 2015
Craig Finke has one of the most automated dairy facilities in the country. While setups like his are common in Europe, very few producers in the United States have dove as deep into technology as he has
Feb. 13 2015
Format that attaches at every stall attracted many lookers at World Ag Expo this week. Goodbye milkers. One of the busiest dairy exhibits at World Ag Expo this week in Tulare, Calif., gave an up-close...
Nov. 28 2014
Little by little, cow milking is evolving from manual to automated. Not just for small herds, but for everyone. Adoption of robotic milking technology, whether as individual "box" units or as automated...
Oct. 20 2014
Five hundred robotic milking systems (RMS) are estimated to be in use in the U.S. today. As the total has grown, key management factors have emerged as "must do" priorities to optimize their value and...
Aug. 25 2014
The first-ever robotic rotary milking parlor in North America is coming to Wisconsin. An exciting groundbreaking ceremony was held last week at Mlsna East Town Dairy in Cashton, Wis. Excavation has already...
July 7 2014
If robots are the next evolution of milking cows on a large scale, then the future is here already. Except it is happening slowly and not at all in the U.S. . . . yet