Nov. 29 2021
The word automation can bring both positive and negative thoughts to people’s minds when it comes to manufacturing
Nov. 22 2021
Agricultural technologies must be shared with consumers willingly for them to include them in their diet
Nov. 19 2021
In cold weather, we had different operators driving off with the skid steer still plugged in and damaging the cord. That problem stopped after we started putting the cord through the hand rails
Nov. 19 2021
For years, it was a goal for many dairy farmers to avoid calf-to-calf contact in their young stock housing. More recently, though, the industry has seen an opposite trend
Nov. 15 2021
Imagine you’re cruising down the highway toward a perfect vacation. The only thing between you and your destination is the road.Soon, you come across a tollbooth. Being the prepared driver you
Oct. 27 2021
It is fun to envision what automation we may be able to integrate onto our dairy in the future
Oct. 21 2021
These apps can help your dairy run more smoothly
Oct. 11 2021
Financial evaluations, crop yields, weather predictions . . . dairy farmers consume and evaluate countless forms of data like this every day
Oct. 7 2021
Most people would not consider a barnyard to be a particularly high-tech place or a location where drones might be at work. Even so, you could easily spot a drone flying around at a farm these days
Oct. 7 2021
Harmful sounds can chip away at your hearing ability, but the damage is preventable
Sept. 2 2021
Many different minds have come together to make our barn very unique, especially when it comes to cow comfort
April 15 2021
Many aspects of our dairy and ways of thinking have changed here at Hillcrest Farms since moving to a robotic milking system. The work is less physical and more mental
April 10 2021
When the Maddox family expanded their dairy herd to 3,200 cows in the late 1970s, there weren’t many farms of that size in California or across the country
March 15 2021
If we hear a farmer talk about their “employees” or their “workforce,” it might be easy to think that the farm is a large operation where multiple or maybe even dozens of people...
March 8 2021
While automated milking systems sound appealing in many aspects, it takes careful consideration to determine if robotics are the right fit for a dairy
Feb. 11 2021
Dairy technology has exploded in the last few decades, and for that we have both innovation and necessity to thank
Feb. 5 2021
The other night, our robotic milkers called 36 times with one alarm or another. My dad got an early start on morning milking simply because he had been up since 11 p.m. the night prior tending to the robots
Jan. 25 2021
“I don’t think there’s any debate that improving broadband access in rural areas is both necessary and worthy. That’s just not a question,” said Cornell’s Andy Novakovic...
Jan. 21 2021
It’s January cold here in Georgia. No ice or snow, just that cuts-you-like-a-knife wind and rain
Oct. 29 2020
What does your farm look like on Google? I've written about this before so you can understand how the farm looks to the rest of the world via your own farm website, social media, news articles, and so...