Nov. 28 2018
With the emergence of sexed semen and the ability to obtain more heifers per breeding, some have questioned its use
Nov. 19 2018
Each year’s visit to World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis., always seems to have at least one new technology surprise that jumps out from the rest
Nov. 13 2018
We use technology so often on our farms now that I'm always left wondering what the next best things will be
Aug. 25 2018
Thirty-two years is a long way in the future, but dairyman Mike McCloskey has some strong ideas about technology tools the industry will use to get there
Aug. 10 2018
In the late 1800s, New York City had a problem. The growth of the city had been so rapid that all of the extra horses were choking the city with piles of brown manure that threatened to stunt the growth
Aug. 10 2018
Time-lapse photography is defined by Wikipedia as “a technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured is much lower than that used to view the sequence
May 7 2018
The pericardium from a cow is now used to repair human heart valves
April 2 2018
Advancements such as robotics, sexed semen, and RFID tags all enhance the efficiency of daily work on the dairy farm.
March 16 2018
Dairying will change greatly by 2068. Climate and populations will shift where farms are located across the globe
March 15 2018
I often have talked about stubborn farmers who make less than desirable patients. My late father never sought medical care
Jan. 23 2018
Robots helped us change the way we dairy, and we wouldn’t go back
Jan. 5 2018
Have you checked out your farm on Google Maps and Google Earth? How does it look? What can people see?
Dec. 4 2017
Veterinarian Cesar Narciso pointed to some advantages of IVF (in vitro fertilization), including accelerated genetic gain by using genomically superior donors, strategic reproduction management (like crossbreeding...
Nov. 27 2017
“What’s the reward-risk?” opened Tom Overton in his presentation on adoption of new technology at the recent Cornell Nutrition Conference
Nov. 7 2017
“In 2 miles, turn left on Burr Salem Road,” Siri’s charming voice kindly reminds me.If you’re like me, Siri is now part of your drive to any new destination
Oct. 18 2017
Extra thought put into a robot barn design is time well spent
Sept. 4 2017
Conversations with even just a few dairy farmers from across the country quickly identify data management as one of the largest on-farm issues
Aug. 21 2017
In agriculture, we have seen tremendous advancements in the use of technology. During his presentation at the UW-Discovery Farm’s “Soil, Water, and Big Data Field Day,” Brian Luck reminded...
July 13 2017
Technology has helped improve milk production, reproduction, and made managing cows at our farm easier. Parlor identification, milk meters, and automated activity monitoring are all tied together
July 12 2017
Safety in the workplace is important for you, your animals, and your employees alike. Like many of you, my children often accompany me at work, and many times that means time in the milk barn