May 11 2023
“Technology is coming for us, whether we like it or not,” said Steph Plaster, a University of Wisconsin Division of Extension farm management outreach specialist, during a “Setting your...
March 31 2023
This creative piece was written by one of our regular authors, Gerald Anderson. Be sure to read the full story to reveal a fun twist at the end!
March 23 2023
Cow sense — it’s a concept one often gleans either growing up on a farm or working on a farm. This cow sense, and ultimately understanding how a cow perceives her environment, is the very core...
March 6 2023
Technology should be useful and easily understood if it’s going to bring value to dairy farmers and their employees
Feb. 1 2023
Certain parts of the country need more training and technicians to keep up with the number of robotic milking systems that are being installed
Dec. 8 2022
The one question I get asked the most as a robotic dairy farmer is this: How many cows can you run per robot? This is such a loaded question to me. I can dissect this one question into many diffe
Sept. 30 2022
When it comes to milk quality, there are details I can see now that I couldn’t before we had our voluntary milking system
Sept. 16 2022
Milking in both our parlor and with the robots provided some benefits, but certain costs recently led us back to milking exclusively with one system
Sept. 2 2022
Farm help is on the decline in our area and across the country, and it is a driving force for why some farms are choosing robotics
Aug. 23 2022
Safety is critical for anyone working on the farm, but there are a few reasons why women in agriculture may be at an elevated risk
Aug. 18 2022
Last June, meatpacking giant JBS halted all of its U.S. plants that collectively produce about a quarter of the country’s beef supply, for an entire day
Aug. 15 2022
Though we don’t see them and may only rarely think about them, there are thousands of satellites — the current approximation is more than 4,500 — circling our globe right now
July 21 2022
The dairy industry was big data long before it was cool to be big data
July 4 2022
Technology often makes our lives better. On the farm, this is especially true when we are able to pinpoint cow health, production, and reproduction information
April 15 2022
Our calf ear tag numbering and coloring system has gone off the rails due to production and supply chain issues throughout the country
April 13 2022
The advancements in dairying the past few decades have been impressive, and with technology, the changes will keep coming faster
April 4 2022
With the ongoing war in Ukraine upending markets and the lingering COVID-19 pandemic continuing to affect daily life, additional concerns could seem overwhelming to anyone
Feb. 28 2022
Regular maintenance can go a long way in preserving a dairy’s hard working skid steer
Feb. 17 2022
Heat detection on our farm got more technical yet simpler over time