Nov. 20 2017
At the mid-year point, only two of the eight dairy regions serviced by Frazer Certified Public Accountants and Consultants posted negative returns
Nov. 6 2017
Everywhere you look in dairying – well, all across agriculture and in pretty much every other business as well – everyone is looking for employees
Oct. 23 2017
The milk suppliers of Ben & Jerry’s will be entering into a contract that requires them to meet defined goals in the treatment and management of their employees
Oct. 16 2017
Ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s signed an agreement earlier this month with a farmworkers’ group that established labor standards for its supplying farms.
Aug. 28 2017
We know that dairy farm wages have been climbing rapidly, more so than in most other industries. Depending on the different dairy budgets available, estimated hired labor costs for herds of 200
Aug. 21 2017
For well over a decade, the net flow of unauthorized immigrant labor has diminished
Aug. 14 2017
Great news on this initiative, and thanks for publishing the story, “Dairy gives inmates a second chance.”
July 10 2017
When someone commits a crime, they must serve the time. However, once some individuals are released from jail, they struggle to acquire the skills they need to find gainful employment
June 26 2017
Set protocols for people as well as herd management
June 15 2017
I have a farmer friend who celebrates the birthday of her special cow. I can honestly say that is not a standard operating procedure that I’ve ever implemented on our farm
May 29 2017
A common trait among successful farm business managers is the desire to improve their business management skills, and in turn, their farm
May 4 2017
Having a good group of employees is one of the best blessings we have received here at Hillcrest Farms. Yes, we occasionally have the hard to fill position
Jan. 20 2017
We pay professionals to do a job. When they do their job well, there are few problems. But, when there are oversights, that’s when trouble begins
Jan. 9 2017
As dairies become larger and employ more workers, employees generally have less experience working with modern dairy operations. As this situation has unfolded, dairy owners have become more dependent
Dec. 12 2016
“At one time, I thought an MBA (Master of Business Administration) would help me work with people. I was wrong,” said Tom Jinkinson, D.V.M
Oct. 3 2016
As absurd a question as it sounds, the president of California’s biggest dairy organization says two laws passed this year by elected officials in America’s number one farming state are sending...
Oct. 3 2016
As dairies across the world continue to grow in size to capture economies of scale and remain sustainable from a business standpoint, the need for additional labor is an inevitable fact. That of course...
Sept. 21 2016
Written by milk quality specialists, this 56-page employee training manual features side-by-side English and Spanish lessons. This guide provides in-depth training related to mastitis basics, parlor practices
Sept. 19 2016
Achieve consistency and higher quality: Develop your own Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Completely customizable for your operation. Bilingual 20 in. by 17 in. poster and guidelines Water-resistant...
Sept. 14 2016
Managers of all levels on dairy farms have a tough job. They juggle many schedules and a demanding workload that never takes a day off. Maybe more difficult is dealing with employee disagreement