Sept. 13 2021
“Manure is a valuable commodity we want to be returning back to the field,” said Claudia Wagner-Riddle during her presentation at the North America Manure Expo
Sept. 3 2021
With a general goal to produce more renewable energy, windmills and solar panels have become an increasingly common sight when driving through rural landscapes
Sept. 2 2021
Most dairy producers are likely familiar with the basic function of a methane digester: processing manure into energy sources
Sept. 1 2021
The state of California is facing a water crisis, and farmers have a whole lot to lose
Aug. 23 2021
Many dairy farms have successfully tackled the question of how to find additional revenue streams when other family members want to join the business
Aug. 17 2021
Understanding how smoke affects cow health could be critical in the future of the fire-ravaged West
July 26 2021
Sustainability on the farm begins with understanding and recording what happens in the business and how those activities contribute to the operation’s carbon footprint
July 26 2021
When the Net Zero Initiative was announced in 2020 as a commitment for dairy production to be carbon neutral by 2050 while optimizing water usage and quality, farmers may have been asking themselves the...
July 7 2021
As companies work toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions, farmers may be the ones taking the greatest risks to meet this goal
June 21 2021
Mike Berget began no-till farming because he saw the conservation practice as a way to make the soil healthier and, at the same time, improve his farm’s bottom line
June 9 2021
California’s water situation has not been good for a long time; however, this year could prove to be even worse
May 24 2021
Global efforts to reduce atmospheric carbon and slow rising temperatures through government, customer, and consumer intervention are putting the squeeze on carbon emissions from all sectors – including...
May 21 2021
Last week my classmates and I presented our final projects for the Cornell Dairy Fellows program, which serves as an opportunity to synthesize all the things we’ve learned throughout our undergraduate...
April 22 2021
Just days into his administration, President Biden signed an executive order to rejoin the Paris Agreement in a move that exemplifies a ramping up of climate change mitigation efforts at the international,...
April 22 2021
This has been a disappointing week in my little corner of the world
April 19 2021
Earth Day is coming up on April 22, and its theme this year is “Restore Our Earth” . . . a goal that few meet as effectively as U.S. dairy farmers
March 8 2021
Finding solutions that work for everyone is a strength of the U.S. dairy industry
Jan. 28 2021
There has been much talk about the Biden administration’s goal for rural America to play a leading role in combatting climate change, but farmers are still understandably curious and cautious about...
Jan. 21 2021
The back and forth related to Waters of the United States (WOTUS) dates back to the language of a 1972 amendment to the Clean Water Act that established federal jurisdiction over “navigable waters.”
Jan. 4 2021
Animal care is often the most recognizable aspect of Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM), but another important evaluation area is a newer program in the organization: environmental stewardship