Aug. 15 2023
What effects do the smoky haze and low air quality have on people, cows, and calves where we farm in the Upper Midwest?
June 19 2023
Those in dairy circles have long known that the dairy cow has a unique ability to convert forages into nutritious milk
March 23 2023
When feeding dairy cows, a buffer helps maintain a balanced rumen pH by limiting the effects of excess acid. Outside of the cow, buffers in a farm’s fields serve a similar purpose for the water features...
Feb. 16 2023
Electricity — it’s usually so plentiful that we take it for granted, not worrying about where it’s coming from or how it gets to us. For some dairies, though, it pays to take the power...
Feb. 9 2023
When talking about sustainability in the dairy industry, conversations often involve what can be done on farms to manage manure, enhance crop and animal productivity, reduce emissions
Jan. 30 2023
In the April 2023 sire summary release, Semex, will publish a methane index will be available for all of their Holstein sires
Jan. 12 2023
Many stories about California agriculture center around a lack of water, but that is not the case this week. The Golden State is being hammered by an intense storm that brought high winds, torrential
Jan. 12 2023
An unusually cold snap made our job more challenging this Christmas
Jan. 12 2023
For the second year in a row, a Wisconsin county has looked to limit milk truck traffic
Nov. 29 2022
At the Sustainable Agriculture Summit, three college students shared their thoughts on sustainability during a panel discussion
Nov. 28 2022
Keeping crop residue stubble on your fields can provide a multitude of soil health benefits
Nov. 10 2022
When it comes to global warming, all greenhouse gases tend to get lumped into the same bucket. In reality, certain gases behave differently, and that affects their impact on climate change. During the
Sept. 19 2022
The role agriculture can play in sustainability is influenced by consumer confidence and their acceptance of our food system and modern farming practices
July 28 2022
“Solar needs land. So do farms. Will that drive up food prices?” That’s a question posed by Barron’s Lisa Beilfuss her article in the July 25, 2022, edition of the financial publication
July 4 2022
I tell this story to illustrate that we in animal agriculture are losing the game of owning the narrative of a principle that we have been managing long before it was newsworthy
June 30 2022
When it comes to on-farm sustainability practices, much of the focus is understandably on efforts to protect your land, water, and air
June 28 2022
Framing our conversations around sustainability makes the word mean something farmers and consumers can grab on to
June 27 2022
As consumers, we can play a role in reducing the nation’s carbon footprint, but it might not be in the way most people think
June 23 2022
Greenhouse gases are emitted though human activity, and they accumulate in the atmosphere
June 13 2022
The manure and bedding material removed from a bedded pack barn can be a valuable nutrient source for crops, but it is bulky