Oct. 4 2023
So many aspects of World Dairy Expo, from established events to annual awards, stem from tradition
Oct. 4 2023
As the global dairy industry meets in Madison, Wis., World Dairy Expo is not complete without the trade show. Tuesday was abuzz as the trade show opened for the first day
Sept. 22 2023
Hoard's Dairyman is proud to share the stories of World Dairy Expo with dairy enthusiasts from around the globe through our Hoard’s @ Expo blog. We are thankful to partner with Trioliet, our sponso
Sept. 15 2023
Some of World Dairy Expo’s creative visionaries develop works of art for visitors to take home and cherish
Sept. 15 2023
A unique trait of World Dairy Expo is that it may be the world’s largest gathering of students of all ages with an interest in dairy
Oct. 10 2022
Elle St. Pierre is an inspiration for many as she came from humble beginnings on a family dairy farm, and forged her way to becoming an Olympian
Oct. 5 2022
As the doors closed on the first day of the World Dairy Expo Trade Show, many company representatives made their way to the Exhibition Hall meeting rooms for food and fellowship
Sept. 28 2022
Hoard's at Expo is sponsored by Trioliet
Sept. 1 2022
World Dairy Expo is a jam-packed week, but this year, it will look a little different as the global dairy industry’s meeting place operates with a new schedule intended to be more efficient fo
Oct. 2 2021
For someone looking for an internship, part-time job, or full-time opportunity, in-person connections are the best way to show off skills and highlight work experiences to potential employers
Oct. 2 2021
If you have ever attended World Dairy Expo, you know about the sense of community on the grounds of the Alliant Energy Center
Sept. 30 2021
Informational sessions have been a cornerstone of World Dairy Expo for decades as dairy producers and industry leaders converge to share their expertise, research, and ideas with each other
Sept. 29 2021
Hoard's Dairyman talked with Darren Van Buuren of Agri-Plastics Group Companies at World Dairy Expo about their business and the solutions they offer for dairy farmers. Watch the video above for more information...
Sept. 29 2021
With Day 1 of World Dairy Expo in the books, trade show exhibitors had the chance to sit back and relax for a few minutes at the Exhibitor Party hosted by Hoard’s Dairyman and World Dairy Expo
Sept. 28 2021
Just about anything is available on our phones these days — even the global dairy industry’s meeting place
Sept. 22 2021
In her trade show booth at World Dairy Expo, you’ll find Minnesota-native Cheryl Mohn. She is the founder and president of Udder Tech Inc. — a family-owned and operated outfitter of farming...
Oct. 3 2019
Former Alice in Dairyland Rochelle Schnadt served as a moderator during an agricultural careers panel attended by FFA members during World Dairy Expo on Tuesday
Oct. 3 2019
Hoard's Dairyman spoke with Renee Smith of Virtus Nutrition at World Dairy Expo. The company’s newest fat product is EnerG-3. Watch the video to find out more about how fats fit into farm rations
Oct. 3 2019
The 36th World Forage Analysis Superbowl awarded winning producers during a luncheon on Wednesday at World Dairy Expo
Oct. 2 2019
When the trade show closes on the first day of World Dairy Expo, hundreds of company representatives head to the Exhibitor Party hosted by Hoard’s Dairyman and World Dairy Expo