Jan. 29 2018
Calves must have adequate rumen development to have a smooth transition at weaning time
Dec. 28 2017
It’s a date that was a major turning point for our farm. It’s the day our calf program was literally revolutionized
Dec. 26 2017
There is nothing more intimidating to me in a kitchen than a pile of dirty dishes. The larger it grows the less I want to deal with it
July 31 2017
The perfect combination of milk residue, the right pH, and temperature spell trouble for even the toughest calves
June 12 2017
Calf housing is most often designed with health benefits and labor efficiency in mind. With limited complexity in their environment, calves will often turn to non-nutritive suckling for entertainment
June 5 2017
When discussing calf raising, most every dairy farmer will tell you good colostrum is essential to calf health
May 25 2017
It’s the most important meal a calf will ever receive, but is it as nutritious as it should be? With no immunity to fight off illness, colostrum is essential within the first few hours of life
May 1 2017
Especially in cold weather states, it has been common for calf feeders to bump up fat levels in calf diets during the winter to account for added energy required by calves to maintain body temperature
April 17 2017
One of the best things an operation can do for its future is invest in taking care of calves in the first two months. Although that care can be accomplished a great number of ways
Feb. 20 2017
Just like conventional feeding systems, there are many ways to operate an automatic calf feeder, and those management factors affect calf health, stress, and more
Jan. 23 2017
After spending a few weeks in Wisconsin during January, I, too, felt I needed a calf jacket wherever I went. Maybe I was just being dramatic, but I felt much more comfortable the more layers I had on
Dec. 12 2016
Fall lasted particularly long throughout the country this year, but as temperatures drop and snow joins the party, winter seems to have finally arrived
Dec. 8 2016
“I want aggressive eaters.” This phrase earned me some questionable looks as I explained to fellow students what I looked for while feeding calves
Oct. 12 2015
A newborn calf comes into the world with a bright future ahead . . . and an incomplete immune system