March 21 2019
We finally placed two robots in our new main robot barn this week. A little over two years ago at the Western Dairy Management Conference, I was sitting at a table talking to two dairymen from Wisconsin
Feb. 26 2019
For many parts of the country, winter teased us with a mild start. Then mid-January hit, and along came snow, frigid cold, record-breaking wind chills, and ice
Oct. 29 2018
The Idaho Dairy Worker Training and Safety Program has been almost three years in the making
May 25 2018
When every dollar counts, dairy producers must decide where to invest their time and resources
May 17 2018
With two years of planning and touring robotic farms under our belts, it is now time to break ground on the next phase for our family farm
March 15 2018
I often have talked about stubborn farmers who make less than desirable patients. My late father never sought medical care
Jan. 5 2018
Have you checked out your farm on Google Maps and Google Earth? How does it look? What can people see?
Nov. 27 2017
“What’s the reward-risk?” opened Tom Overton in his presentation on adoption of new technology at the recent Cornell Nutrition Conference
Oct. 18 2017
Extra thought put into a robot barn design is time well spent
July 12 2017
Safety in the workplace is important for you, your animals, and your employees alike. Like many of you, my children often accompany me at work, and many times that means time in the milk barn
June 29 2017
Have you ever heard the term “set in your ways”? Well, I have, and I know a lot of people who are. Sometimes this can be a good thing, while other times, not so much
June 19 2017
When was the last time you gave any thought to how much milk might be in your bulk tank? There’s a program sponsored by the Northeast Federal Milk Marketing Order that definitively answers...
May 25 2017
While approximately 90 percent of current freestall housing relies upon natural ventilation, there is a growing number of new facilities using a wide range of systems from tunnel to cross ventilation
May 23 2017
We visited Case IH in Racine, Wis., to learn how they built a tractor. An article, “How a tractor is made,” appeared on the Young Dairymen page in the May 25, 2017, issue on page 366
May 23 2017
Over the last century, tractors have become a valuable and necessary piece of equipment on nearly all dairy farms. These tractors are used for many tasks, from mixing and delivering feed to planting a
Feb. 16 2017
I walked into the building and the smell hit me hard. So hard in fact, that my eyes began to water
Sept. 14 2015
While chopping and packing is old hat for most of us, employee safety is paramount as we head into the harvest season
May 25 2015
We visited J&D Manufacturing in Eau Claire, Wis., to see the fan production process. The article, "How a barn fan is made," appeared on the Young Dairyman page of the May 25, 2015, issue on page 384
April 2 2015
When output doesn't match between machines, hay harvest efficiency goes down the tubes
June 23 2014
Like other regions of the Midwest, northeast Wisconsin experienced a cool, late spring that included above-average rainfall