May 22 2023
“Chocolate milk faces potential school ban,” rang out the headlines in the May 16, 2023, edition of The Wall Street Journal
Dec. 16 2022
A local chocolate milk and other promotions helped spread the dairy message at the New York City Marathon
Sept. 10 2019
Our son started Kindergarten a few weeks ago, and this transition has been an exciting time in our home. There are some aspects that have made our daily routines simplified (hello uniforms!) and
Dec. 17 2018
At the beginning of the month, USDA officially said welcome back to chocolate milk in school lunch programs
April 30 2018
Last week, I had a very early morning flight from the West Coast to the Midwest. I would be on the flight for four hours followed by an immediate three and a half hour shuttle ride
May 8 2017
Newly appointed Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue hit the ground running
Jan. 5 2017
It is sports season in our household. Basketball is in full swing, weight lifting tournaments are underway, and after school workouts have become routine
Aug. 25 2011
It contains the same nine essential nutrients for childhood development and growth; yet chocolate milk is swiftly being pulled from lunch menus. This fall, though, it is taking on an improved nutrition...
June 15 2011
Of all the valiant efforts of diet and health do-gooders, trying to get flavored milks out of schools ranks among the most misguided. It is a classic example of an idea that glows with good intentions...
April 26 2011
Have you ever been in the middle of a huge mess or fight with no exit door? But when you think about it, you're not exactly sure what got you into the chaos in the first place? For those of us in agriculture,...
Sept. 15 2010
In my elementary school years, one of my favorite days each year was our small parochial school's track meet held every spring. Besides the fun I had spending the day outside with classmates, I always...