May 22 2023
Food is one of the most personal — not to mention necessary — choices people make each day. What we choose to eat and to feed our families depends on factors including our preferences, culture,...
Jan. 10 2022
Anaerobic digesters have become a useful tool for some dairy farms to not only manage their manure and environmental impact
Feb. 4 2019
While the New England Patriots scored more points than the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII, it might be a stretch to call them a winner
Oct. 8 2018
A dairy farmer can take great care to make sure the milk produced on his or her farm is of the highest quality as it travels from the cow to the bulk tank
Aug. 13 2018
Some spore-forming bacteria survive the pasteurization process so when milk processors label milk with sell-by and use-by dates, they are using experiential data to predict how soon these bacteria might...
July 30 2018
There are not so many clean cooks in the kitchen these days according to a new study from USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service
March 22 2011
With the recent events of an earthquake and tsunami, the safety of the human food supply in Japan is getting much attention. The World Health Organization official claims the food safety situation is "more...