March 11 2024
Research related to the needs of transition cows has identified calcium as critical to the period following calving, particularly for cows in their second or greater lactation
April 11 2023
The factors that help Deluur Dairy excel at transition cow care, presented by Mark Fox, D.V.M., and Michigan dairyman Hendrik Eggink
April 10 2023
When it comes to cow health, the transition from the dry period into early lactation is the time period that can bring forth the most complications.
Sept. 22 2022
We have all seen the cows that experience extreme inflammation at the time of calving, those with swelling in the udder and beyond
May 12 2022
Hypocalcemia and the transition cow was presented by Jesse Goff, Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine
Jan. 3 2022
Just as facilities with the right dimensions and amenities encourage cow comfort and production, an environment that limits a cow’s natural abilities can create problems
April 1 2021
The most important employees on a dairy farm are the cows. What we do for our bovine employees during the dry period plays a big role in how they perform once they re-enter the milking herd
Nov. 19 2020
Do you have a fresh cow protocol for your dairy cows? What do you include in your fresh cow protocol? What are some barriers to implementing these protocols on your farm?
Nov. 9 2020
Before and after calving, a dairy cow’s body experiences significant change. This includes the uterus, which can go from carrying a calf, placenta, and fluids down to the size of an adult’s...
Sept. 24 2020
At calving, cows find themselves in a negative calcium balance. That’s because they are literally drawing from their own calcium stores to put the mineral into milk
Sept. 21 2020
Calcium and the transition cow presented by Garrrett Oetzel, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine
Sept. 14 2020
Gary Oetzel, D.V.M., a professor for the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, presented “Calcium and the transition cow”. Calcium is a key determinant of transition period success...
May 14 2020
Roughly one day each week, every U.S. dairy cow’s milk production goes into making dairy products that will be exported to another country
April 20 2020
“If you can feed B vitamins at an economical price, do it!” encouraged Mike Hutjens. That was one of the messages viewers received as the University of Illinois nutrition icon
April 10 2020
Researchers have demonstrated that controlling energy intake prepartum, specifically by targeting nutrient consumption to maintain a consistent body condition, may reduce the subsequent risk of ketosis
Dec. 2 2019
Certainly, social stress in dairy cattle has gained traction as we have learned more about stress’s impact on cattle performance
Oct. 8 2019
Andrew was telling me that he now only treats around 20 percent of cows with dry cow antibiotics. He just wished that he made the move to selective dry cow treatment sooner
May 30 2019
Each year, we go through rain spells and dry spells, hot spells and cold spells. When it is cold, we are thinking about how nice hot weather would be, and when it is hot, we dream about how good that cold...
May 20 2019
Focusing on fresh cow strategies was presented by Mike Hutjens, University of Illinois
April 8 2019
The transition period qualifies as one of the most stressful periods of a dairy cow’s life, and it’s certainly the goal and responsibility of producers to reduce that stress