Nov. 8 2021
A lot of soil sampling is done in the fall, and according to extension agronomist Daniel Smith, it is the right time to collect this information
Dec. 21 2020
Farmers should have soil analyses done on all their fields on a regular basis. Most nutrient management plans require soil testing at least once every three years
July 15 2018
There’s a lot of interest in sulfur fertilization these days. Environmental efforts to reduce air pollution have been highly successful, and much less sulfur is now deposited on cropland via precipitation
March 10 2017
With all the exciting advances in forage and field crops, including reduced-lignin alfalfa, drought-resistant corn hybrids, and shredlage, agricultural lime seems like a boring topic
July 15 2014
A field covered in black soil looks good, but there's much more to soil quality than what meets the eye. Soil testing can help farmers properly manage nutrients, saving both money and the environment....
April 14 2014
Fertility isn't just for cows by Amanda Smith, Associate Editor is vital, noted Eric Young, in a recent Miner Institute Farm Report. As in the cow, achieving maximum soil fertility requires a balanced...
April 10 2014
Agronomists say that for all the plant growth you see above ground, there is an equivalent root mass found underneath the soil's surface supplying plants with life-giving nutrients. This living, breathable...
Feb. 27 2014
Soil sampling do's and don'ts. A soil analysis is only as good as the sample on which it was based. Therefore, sampling should be done by either the farm's crop consultant
Aug. 9 2012
For most of the summer, major portions of the U.S. have experienced drought conditions. With the plants most of us bank on as a feed source under stress, our risk of harvesting forages that have excessive...
Feb. 10 2011
Four million soil samples reveal fertility shifts Soil fertility rises and falls in response to crop removal rates. At the same time, nutrient surpluses raise soil test levels, while deficits draw them...