Feb. 8 2018
Ben Powers was high individual at the 2015 National 4-H Dairy Judging Contest. He was also High Individual in reasons and earned a perfect 50 when he delivered this set of reasons in the actual contest
Feb. 8 2018
Jordan Siemers was high individual and high reasons individual at the 2014 National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest
July 15 2017
People who know me will tell you that I am a person of very strong opinions, and I tend to set up rules for a lot of different things. So here they are, my top four rules for giving good oral reasons
June 15 2017
Why do we give reasons in dairy cattle judging? For most of you, I suspect that giving reasons is something you do because your 4-H leader or your judging coach, your mom, your dad, your older brother