May 18 2023
Four U.S. senators and four U.S. representatives have stepped forward to introduce the SAVE Act that would amend the Agriculture Trade Act of 1978
Aug. 1 2022
Foods high in saturated fat, sugars, or sodium will now receive call outs on food packaging labels in Canada. The front-of-package nutrition symbol is black and white in color, has a magnifying glass
Dec. 31 2018
It has been another year in which consumer wants and needs are changing the way animals are raised and foods are marketed
April 23 2018
A typical stroll down the grocery store aisle exposes the shopper to almost 40,000 different products
Jan. 8 2018
“We need to get out ahead of poor marketers by reshaping the discussion about our dairy brand,” explained the consumer-minded Mike McCloskey (shown second from right), CEO of Select Milk Co-op