Feb. 15 2024
Surely, our grandparents could not have envisioned a day when cow burps are regarded as culprits in global warming and nut-based beverages are viewed as sustainable alternatives to milk
Feb. 1 2024
People and businesses around the world have goals about becoming more sustainable, but what sustainability means to each entity can be very different
Nov. 20 2023
There is a lack of research — especially in the U.S. — to support how a herd of cows with high health due to quality genetics can help reduce a farm’s environmental footprint
May 22 2023
Selective breeding has delivered benefits that are part of our industry’s rich history of effective farming. These breeding methods have improved productivity while using fewer natural resources
May 18 2023
Talking about sustainable advancements in agriculture can feel like trying to hit a moving target, especially with so many entities involved along the supply chain from farmers to consumers
March 9 2023
Stewarding the health of their land, water, air, and animals is something dairy farmers have been doing for generations. Putting benchmarks and numbers on those efforts is a much more recent need
Dec. 7 2022
Whether it is a tractor-loving toddler or a teenager who grew up in the inner city somewhere, we need young people of all backgrounds and ethnicities to be excited about agriculture and help feed the world
Nov. 29 2022
At the Sustainable Agriculture Summit, three college students shared their thoughts on sustainability during a panel discussion
June 28 2022
Framing our conversations around sustainability makes the word mean something farmers and consumers can grab on to
May 17 2022
Be ready with these facts to share agriculture’s sustainable story whenever you get the chance to talk to people in the general public
April 11 2022
What does sustainable agriculture look like? There’s more to it than mitigating climate change
March 30 2022
While there is often pushback that ruminants are utilizing land that could otherwise be used for edible food production for humans, cattle deliver value
March 21 2022
Change can be difficult, and some producers may worry that global efforts surrounding sustainability will force changes to current farming practices
Dec. 2 2021
Many believe that sustainability will influence the purchases of tomorrow’s customers. In fact, 73% of Generation Z consumers in a 2020 survey said they would be willing to pay more
April 22 2021
Just days into his administration, President Biden signed an executive order to rejoin the Paris Agreement in a move that exemplifies a ramping up of climate change mitigation efforts at the international,...
March 23 2021
Sustainability is a priority for today’s consumers – let’s make sure they know that farmers are already good stewards of the land
Sept. 17 2020
“There’s a huge misconception that Europe is more sustainable because they embrace organic principles, but if you compare, America is a much more sustainable agricultural system,” said...
Aug. 6 2020
Most dairymen are sick of hearing talk of sustainability . . . in fact, many consider it to be more of a four-letter word when they hear it
June 15 2018
Personally, I love the word “sustainability” because it can be a great description of what dairy farming is, but I do think it is a word that is hard to understand if not put into context