Oct. 6 2023
Savannah Crack became the first Canadian to win the Merle Howard Award
Oct. 6 2023
A fourth-generation California dairyman was presented with the U.S.’s highest recognition given to a dairy cattle show person
Oct. 6 2023
Although this year’s recipient of the Klussendorf-MacKenzie Award did not grow up on a dairy farm, he witnessed his grandfather manage many successful Guernsey farms
Aug. 28 2023
In a recent podcast with Phil Durst of the MSUE Dairy Team and leadership expert Ben Lichtenwalner of Radiant Forest LLC, Lichtenwalner explained the simplicity and effectiveness of servant leadership...
June 1 2023
If it doesn’t affect you directly, drugs such as opioids can seem like a far-off problem that only show up in a few highly populated areas of the country — and that was largely the case for...
March 27 2023
Where do you turn to improve profitability on your farm? A business has five major “levers” they can pull to be more profitable, said Purdue University’s Brady Brewer during the Professional...
Sept. 1 2022
Imagine taking 1,300 photographs over five days. That means, on average, one photo is taken every three minutes
Sept. 1 2022
World Dairy Expo’s in-ring announcing has seen much change over the years. Initially, announcers were seated near the ring, where they could readily read and identify back tags of winning animals...
Dec. 14 2021
From almost the first time she picked up a pencil as a child, Sarah Williams has been capturing real-life images on paper. Instead of taking notes in class, she would fill up notebooks with drawings
Sept. 22 2021
Bill Langel is the only superintendent the modern-day Red and White show at World Dairy Expo has ever known
Oct. 9 2020
‘Tis the season for rambling posts and general unfriendliness on account of political views. As election day grows closer, I am reminded of 2016 and the massive fallouts of that November
Oct. 4 2019
Lead, breed, and progress. That’s the attitude found at Woodmansee Holsteins and their team who breed and market elite registered Holsteins that possess remarkable type, impressive production
Oct. 3 2019
The National Dairy Shine was established 70 years ago. Tonight, the association will honor Industry Pioneers, a Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder, a Guest of Honor, and numerous outstanding college students
Oct. 15 2018
Last year’s World Dairy Expo welcomed visitors from 97 countries; of the 68,710 in total attendance, 2,752 were international guests