Jan. 31 2018
Give your three-quartered cows a chance to thrive in your herd
Jan. 25 2018
The amount of organic matter present in the sand directly determines cleanliness. Put another way, high-quality sand is nearly free of organic matter
Jan. 22 2018
Animal activist groups aren’t just out to stop large farms; they want to put an end to all animal agriculture
Jan. 10 2018
The single most important time in a cow’s life that could almost forecast her entire lactation is the transition period
Dec. 29 2017
In life, there are moments that shape who you are. Sometimes those moments are happy and sometimes they are not. Today I lost a cow. It was not just any cow
Dec. 11 2017
When it comes to consumer concern over animal welfare, it appears that people fall into three areas of thought
Dec. 5 2017
Two surgeries. Two hospitalizations. Four different antibiotics. I’m still praying that this fourth antibiotic does what it’s supposed to
Nov. 29 2017
We as an industry, not just dairy but all of agriculture, need to start standing up for each other in unison
Nov. 17 2017
During the November Hoard’s Dairyman monthly webinar, Cornell professor, Dave Barbano talked about how milk fatty acid analysis can reflect the metabolic health of cows
Nov. 16 2017
Your network of consultants can bring new information and ideas to the dairy
Nov. 15 2017
A fundamental rule in business is that “The customer is always right.” If customers’ needs are not being met, they will look elsewhere for goods or services
Nov. 15 2017
Bovine leukemia virus (BLV) is the cause of enzootic bovine leukosis, which is a noncurable, progressive disease that affects cattle in almost all U.S. dairy herds. The virus infects white blood
Nov. 2 2017
Late fall brings more comfortable conditions for both cows and people in Georgia
Oct. 18 2017
Extra thought put into a robot barn design is time well spent
Oct. 16 2017
Body condition scoring is an inexpensive tool that can benefit your herd in the long run
Sept. 25 2017
Interestingly, a doctor of human medicine, not a veterinarian, was the keynote speaker to kick off the American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) annual conference
Sept. 21 2017
After it was all said and done, our farm didn’t experience too much serious damage from Hurricane Irma. We were blessed that there wasn’t too much damage
Sept. 20 2017
There are a lot of things robots can do better and more consistently than humans, but there are still some aspects of the dairy that require a human touch
Sept. 6 2017
As dairy farmers, we must not only know how to solve problems, but we must also know why
Aug. 30 2017
Knowing my cows means I know more than just their name, I know them.