May 11 2020
“Remember that a cow is a mother, and her calf is a baby.” — W.D. Hoard
April 15 2020
What came first, the chicken or the egg? It’s a question as old as time, yet people still argue over the theory
April 2 2020
Farmers, especially dairy farmers, tend to be more distanced and like staying at home on their own farm. During these times, that is a good thing
March 26 2020
Social distancing, self-quarantine, and isolation have become the new nomenclature as we collaborate to quell the coronavirus. However, dairy producers, farm employees, and veterinarians call it biosecurity
March 26 2020
Looking at our farm here in East Moline, Ill., it is business as usual. Cows still have to be milked three times a day
March 20 2020
As I write this article, the death toll and global panic associated with coronavirus are both steadily rising. The latest human outbreak is being caused by a strain called Wuhan coronavirus
Jan. 10 2020
Everything on a dairy farm begins with a calf. For that reason, in this article we will explore cow-calf research that was presented at the International Society of Applied Ethology (ISA
Jan. 10 2020
A vaccination strategy for the prevention and reduction of clinical disease is of paramount importance on every dairy farm and young stock operation in the world
Nov. 21 2019
The last day of July I received a phone call from my husband, Scott, that one of our off-site heifers was injured
Oct. 25 2019
Working with family on the farm can be rewarding and enjoyable . . . until you need to move a cow from Point A to Point B together. Do any of you ever feel this way?
Oct. 19 2019
"How much does the welfare of people affect the welfare of animals?" is a Hoard's Dairyman Webinar presented by Robert Hagevoort from New Mexico State University on October 14, 2019.
Oct. 16 2019
I heard it. My heart sank and my mind raced. The pop of a rifle echoed in the distance as I briefly stopped working. I knew it was going to happen, yet I was naively unprepared for the reality
Aug. 30 2019
Ventilation is a key component of barn design. Natural ventilation and tunnel ventilation are two common options for dairy barns
Aug. 22 2019
“Did you check the tanks?” “Yes.” “Did you check the temperature charts?” “Yes.”
June 18 2019
There are a lot of terrible things being said about the dairy industry right now, and it isn’t going to stop
June 11 2019
The last thing the dairy industry needed while it’s down is an abuse video . . . but that’s exactly what we got
May 24 2019
Aventilation system for adult dairy cows must provide fresh air year-round and fast-moving air in the resting space to aid summertime cooling
May 24 2019
Our understanding about cow comfort is continually improving. However, assessing and translating these needs to fit specific situations can be a challenge
March 25 2019
Lameness isn’t a concern among heifers on most dairy farms. In recent years, though, a heifer hoof issue has appeared, and common rearing practices may be to blame.
March 20 2019
I hear all these people going on the “Keto” diet, and it is driving me nuts! All I can think of is, “KETOSIS IS BAD!”