July 9 2024
Overlooked strategies for improving hoof healthPresented by Karl Burgi, Save Cows Network/Dairyland Hoof Care InstituteSponsored by Hoof-Zink
July 8 2024
Beyond the basic feed ingredients, dairy rations often contain some additives that can boost milk production, bolster animal health, improve feed efficiency, and more
June 10 2024
Mike Hutjens, a professor emeritus at the University of Illinois presented “An update on feed additives."
May 30 2024
Other factors play a role, of course, but cows that are milked more frequently tend to give more milk
May 13 2024
Feeding and managing cows in a robotic milking systemPresented by: Jim Salfer, an extension educator with the University of MinnesotaSponsored by AMS Galaxy. Learn about feeding and manageme
April 8 2024
The long-term consequences of heat stress in dairy cattle was presented by Geoff Dahl, University of Florida
March 11 2024
Bill Weiss, a professor emeritus at The Ohio State University, presented, “Feed composition varies – does it matter?”
Feb. 16 2024
Lung ultrasound can be used to answer a multitude of questions regarding respiratory health in calves
Jan. 8 2024
The dairy situation and outlook for 2024, presented by: Leonard Polzin, University of Wisconsin-Madison This presentation will provide an overview of dairy markets
Dec. 12 2023
Using technology to understand fertility in dairy cowsRonaldo Cerri, University of British Columbia
Nov. 20 2023
During the November Hoard’s Dairyman webinar, presenter Mike Hutjens asked the audience how much their feed costs per cow will change from 2023 to 2024
Nov. 13 2023
A feed and forage outlook for the year aheadpresented by: Hay & Forage Grower’s Managing Editor Mike Rankin and the University of Illinois’ Mike Hutjenssponsored by KuhnFarmers faced a my
Oct. 18 2023
How to capture profits in a carbon credit market, presented by Native Microbials
Oct. 12 2023
Feeding the calves of today and tomorrowpresentned by Bob James Virginia Tech and Down Home Heifer Solutions sponsored by: Agri-PlasticsWhen raising calves, farmers must consider what is best for the
Sept. 11 2023
Gaining a competitive advantage in milk qualitypresented by: Pam Ruegg, D.V.M., Michigan State Universitysponsored by: Boehringer-Ingelheim Animal Health xxxIn today’s global mil
Aug. 24 2023
Optimizing corn harvest for silage under variable growing conditionspresented by John Goeser, Rock River Laboratorysponsored by Lallemand During this session, Goeser will lean on hi
July 12 2023
Vitamins for dairy cattle was presented by Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University
June 12 2023
Human and animal interactions: Impacts on cows and caregivers is presented by: Lily Edwards-Callaway, Colorado State University
May 8 2023
Managing for success with robotic milking systemsPresented by Trevor DeVries, University of GuelphSponsored by GalaxyThe use of automated (robotic) milking systems (AMS) brings several opportunities w