Sept. 11 2023
In 2013, people were celebrating the birth of Prince George and the appointment of Pope Francis, watching “Frozen,” and enjoying Taylor Swift in her “Red” era
Sept. 11 2023
There are several reasons why fall is my favorite time of the year. Dropping temperatures, cooler mornings, turning leaves, and perhaps most importantly, football. To be sure, the September games can feel...
Sept. 1 2023
As we walk through the barns and pastures to check our cows throughout the day, it pays to watch the cows’ expressions. In a time where people either tend to stare at their phones while going about...
Aug. 24 2023
The very best way to determine if your heat abatement tools are working is to ask the cows. During an Iowa State University Extension webinar, Jennifer Van Os shared signs that help evaluate the effectiveness...
Aug. 22 2023
Working in the dairy industry, I have witnessed some moments I will cherish forever. From being able to watch a calf’s first breath to helping a cow recover from illness, there are many things I...
Aug. 21 2023
Anyone who has milked cows in a parlor has likely noticed that certain members of a herd have preferences for when they come in to be milked. There always seem to be cows that tend to wait around and make...
Aug. 18 2023
As we were moving some cows and heifers to our calving pen today, it hit me that the cattle we were moving all have due dates further out than my own
Aug. 14 2023
In March, you may have seen the article “Video game brings cow movement to life,” about our project to improve how people practice cow handling skills. We are excited to share some updates...
Aug. 11 2023
It is Corn Silage Harvest 2023 here at Hillcrest Farms. This year we have been blessed with rain and a good corn crop
Aug. 3 2023
Sometime during the summer, nearly every dairy-producing part of the country will experience enough heat to cause stress for bovines that results in reduced milk yield, poor reproductive performance, and...
July 31 2023
The day of a cattle show can be stressful. Having someone follow the cows around with a manure pan is crucial in order to catch any excrement that comes out the back side
June 22 2023
The calendar says it is officially summer, and temperatures in many parts of the country are heating up
June 19 2023
Those in dairy circles have long known that the dairy cow has a unique ability to convert forages into nutritious milk
June 5 2023
During my reign as the 2022 Virginia Dairy Princess, I was asked a particularly interesting question, “What do you think cows would say if they could talk?”
May 22 2023
It seems crazy how a four-legged animal can determine the direction of your life
May 18 2023
Let’s talk about first-calf heifers, or, as I like to call them, first-calf velociraptors
May 15 2023
One of the reasons I love hanging out with people in the agricultural community, especially dairy farmers, is because it is so easy to start a conversation about all the classic debates
May 10 2023
When we started milking in our robotic milking facility, we were fetching cows that hadn’t come up to milk on their own seven to eight times per day
May 4 2023
They say the spots on a Holstein are as unique as a human fingerprint. There might be an even better comparison for cattle, though — the animal’s muzzle
May 2 2023
My first cow was Star. She was a beautiful, mostly black Holstein that was large in stature and a gentle, old soul-type personality