Oct. 11 2021
Financial evaluations, crop yields, weather predictions . . . dairy farmers consume and evaluate countless forms of data like this every day
Sept. 30 2021
When designing a barn for voluntary milking systems or robots, one big decision is how many cows can be milked per machine
Sept. 27 2021
The triple combination of subdued milk prices, higher feed costs, and higher beef prices caused dairy farmers to send more cows to the stockyards when compared to the same time last year
Sept. 3 2020
On a 17-day journey from Napier, New Zealand, to the Port of Jingtang in Tangshan, China, a cargo ship carrying 5,867 head of cattle and 43 crew members capsized last week
Aug. 26 2019
This July, U.S. dairy farmers collectively sent 256,800 dairy cows to packing plants