May 11 2023
It doesn’t take much online searching these days to find someone or something proclaiming that our food system is “broken” and drastic changes are needed to fix it
Jan. 19 2023
Finding chore boots that keep feet warm, dry, and comfortable seems to be a continuing struggle for many farmers
Dec. 7 2022
Whether it is a tractor-loving toddler or a teenager who grew up in the inner city somewhere, we need young people of all backgrounds and ethnicities to be excited about agriculture and help feed the world
Nov. 21 2022
It’s not about the way farmers look; it’s the work they do that matters
Sept. 15 2022
No matter the season of the year or the season of life you’re in, farmhouses offer the ultimate warm embrace
Aug. 17 2022
Whether they meant to or not, previous generations of women working in agriculture serve as role models for today’s dairy industry
July 7 2022
My dad spoke at the funeral for a man who worked for us for most of his life and did his own rendition of “So God made a farmer.”
July 1 2022
Your dairy experience can bring value to careers both inside and outside of agriculture
June 30 2022
Learning to trust myself and my abilities in my role on the farm has been the most important skill I’ve had to learn
May 31 2022
Agricultural women are tough, but we can still benefit from the experiences of others
April 29 2022
Animals can get themselves into tricky situations that require fast thinking and careful maneuvering to remedy
April 28 2022
Consumer expectations and farmer responses to whether cows should have pasture access may vary, and in between there is a lot to think about
March 17 2022
There are some things in life that are just ridiculously satisfying. You may have seen those videos on social media where something so simple is strangely pleasing to watch
Dec. 13 2021
If you have any questions about the dairy checkoff, there are ways to reach out at the local and national levels
March 30 2020
Even before there was a pandemic to worry about, the next generation of farmers and the next generation of consumers had similar concerns on their minds — ones about the future of our food systems
March 23 2020
Farmers literally fed the Allied forces and the world’s war-ravaged citizens during World War II