June 12 2023
There is no question National Dairy Council (NDC) is considered a scientific authority when it comes to dairy nutrition thanks to farmers’ vision that created the organization more than a century...
May 28 2023
Research is the engine that drives a dairy farm’s economic possibilities in the ever-growing carbon credit marketplace. This research enhances the ability to sell manure-based products off the farm...
April 25 2022
Thanks to the outstanding expertise of staff scientists and educators, the Center for Dairy Research (CDR) has earned a reputation for world-class innovation
Aug. 15 2021
The newest of the nation’s six major dairy research centers is the California Dairy Innovation Center (CDIC)
June 15 2021
The U.S. doesn’t export a lot of cheese, relative to other products,” said John Lucey, the director for the Center for Dairy Research (CDR). “For instance, more than 50% of milk powders...
May 15 2021
Due to the competitive nature of the food industry, efforts to innovate and develop quality products requires people trained in understanding both food science and dairy
April 25 2021
Their concerns with dairy milk confirm the industry’s challenge for fluid milk, and the results suggest focusing on messaging about milk processing, environmental initiatives, and health benefits...
April 10 2021
The Northeast Dairy Foods Research Center (NDFRC) is a research and extension arm of Cornell University, and it’s one of six dairy product research centers funded in a three-way partnership