May 23 2024
It’s no secret that dairy farms are fewer in number than they were decades ago
March 11 2024
The business of producing milk has always been about doing more with less, said Brandon Treichler during the National Mastitis Council Annual Meeting
Jan. 18 2024
For the viability of the business, it is often necessary that the owners and managers wear multiple hats
Jan. 15 2024
Having a plan or strategy for your business is instrumental in achieving future success
Jan. 4 2024
Hispanic and Latino farmworkers in the U.S. face health risks at a higher rate than their non-Hispanic or Latino coworkers
Oct. 16 2023
Sometimes, a gut instinct is all you need to try something new. Other times, it may be cautious optimism or interest that gives you the push to make a change
Oct. 5 2023
Every piece of advertising matters for a small business, especially when it can be done for free or little cost. For dairy farms marketing their own products, social media is one way to reach potential...
Oct. 5 2023
In business, a top customer is a very important relationship, one that requires careful tending and cultivation to maintain. The best business relationships are two-way streets, with each party tending...
Oct. 2 2023
When a person sets out to be a dairy farmer, they’re probably not doing it with the goal of leading a team of people. But that is an increasingly important role dairy farmers are taking on, whether...
Oct. 2 2023
Margins in the dairy industry have become more pinched over time. Some farms grow larger to keep margins profitable, but if your goal isn’t to get larger, what does the future look like for a small...
Sept. 19 2023
There are types of planning that I just love. Task me with making a meal plan for the week, and I am happy as a clam for thirty minutes or so as I research new recipes and page through old favorites to...
Aug. 31 2023
With low milk prices and rising costs for inputs, 2023 is not shaping up to be a profitable year for dairy farmers
Aug. 24 2023
Though 2023 has largely been a financial disappointment for dairy farmers, those effects have been somewhat buffered by the strong milk prices received through much of last year. That’s reflected...
July 13 2023
As most dairy farmers know, the previous milk check was quite disheartening
July 12 2023
As fast as agriculture is changing, some things have stayed the same. Most farms — over 90% — are still family owned and operated
April 20 2023
“Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes” is an old George Jones song that discusses the future of country music
March 27 2023
In a recent publication in the Journal of Dairy Science, a group of scientists from Cornell University highlighted the importance of financial resiliency to manage economic risk in dairy farm businesses
March 2 2023
A farm transition is a serious investment into the future of the business. It must also be an investment into the future of both the outgoing and incoming generations