March 30 2020
“When things go crazy, what do you do? Does your team come together or fall apart?” Michael Hoffman asked those questions during his presentation at the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin’s...
Oct. 30 2017
Previously, a financial analysis system call “DuPont” was introduced that assesses profitability through three primary levers
Sept. 27 2017
‘Tis the season for sleepless nights, stress, and quality corn silage
Sept. 25 2017
Profitability can be sliced and diced in a variety of ways to analyze how well a business is doing, what is being done well, or where there are challenges. A financial analysis system called “
Aug. 25 2017
With no family farm to call home, Adam Borchert of Tree-Hayven Holsteins started his future in the dairy industry by renting a farm in Auburndale, Wis., in 1998
May 15 2017
It’s been over two months since the 2017 Western Dairy Conference was held, but my brain is still thinking about something one speaker said: “Fifty percent of U.S. dairies will change ownership
April 25 2017
Not too long ago, my siblings and I finalized our late parents’ estate. It has been a long journey from the time our mother passed away six years ago. Eighteen months later, we moved our dad o
April 20 2017
My brother and I are the third generation to farm the land on our home farm in Dearing, Ga. We are in the “teaching phase” of our business with my daughter and nephew both deciding they wanted...
March 25 2017
Transferring a dairy farm to the next generation can be complicated. No one wants to make it difficult; however, there are a lot of assets on the balance sheet. Terms and agreements in writing m
Jan. 25 2017
as dairy producers continue through the second year of very slim or negative margins, I am sure many of you are feeling rather discouraged. I have never been a dairy farmer, so I cannot speak from experience
Nov. 7 2016
We received the following letter from a dairy farmer after reading Dr. Charles Gardner’s article, “They deserve to know the business plan.”
Sept. 21 2016
Written by milk quality specialists, this 56-page employee training manual features side-by-side English and Spanish lessons. This guide provides in-depth training related to mastitis basics, parlor practices
Sept. 19 2016
Provides hard-to-find phrases related to milking procedure. Commonly used words, and key phrases for working with milkers: mastitis, cow handling, pre-milking, milking special cows, forestripping, teat...
Sept. 19 2016
Combining the intricacies of dairy cow health care with the welfare protocols of the USDA organic program, author and veterinarian Paul Biagiotti details vital information for managing organic dairy animals
Sept. 19 2016
Some 350 of the top Handy Hints submitted by Hoard's Dairyman readers over the last 10 years. You're bound to find great ideas for saving time and money! Conveniently organized into categories of Housing,...
Sept. 19 2016
A timeless quote from W.D. Hoard that you can post or frame for your farm. Remind employees and family that the foster mother of the human race is meant to be treated with care and respect
April 5 2016
While a new barn and robots may not be the answer for every dairy, this new era will improve our future lifestyle, overall business consistency and cow care. This week was very exciting on our farm as...
Feb. 17 2016
Outside perspectives can benefit your herd in many ways. We recently took my nephew Michael out to our family's dairy barn for the first time. At just under four months of age, Michael couldn't say what...