June 17 2024
No one wants to have cows limping through their barn, afflicted with lameness
April 6 2023
When Cornell University’s Daryl Nydam’s father was a practicing veterinarian, he was at the forefront of the industry recommendation that farms should dry treat every quarter of every cow
Aug. 8 2022
Certain signs of heat stress are relatively easy to notice by simply looking around the barn – rapid breathing or panting, cows bunching, and reduced feed intake, for instance
Aug. 4 2022
Standing tightly together or “bunching” is not a new behavior in cows, but it is one that is frustrating for many dairy farmers
Aug. 4 2022
In recent years and decades, the near-constant dry weather conditions of the western U.S. have not only made farming more difficult but also caused more frequent and more intense wildfires
June 2 2022
All the physical and metabolic changes that take place at calving cause stress on a cow’s immune system and elevate the risk for developing metabolic disorders
June 2 2022
You may recall middle or high school teachers using Venn diagrams to illustrate correlations between two different subjects
March 24 2022
Cows like routine just like humans do
Nov. 4 2021
Once a calf is born, it faces many chances for pathogen exposure. From colostrum collection to feeding equipment and calf housing to older calves, many aspects of a farm contribute to a calf’s pathogen...
Oct. 4 2021
Whether building new or remodeling an existing facility, the ultimate goal of cow comfort should be driving the decision-making process
May 27 2021
Inflammation is often associated with the symptoms of swelling, pain, redness, and fever. These signs are frequently caused by an infection or tissue damage
April 15 2021
Temperature swings and rainy days are often par for the course when it comes to spring. Although warmer weather is welcome after a cold winter, it can leave cattle housed in outdoor yards standing in mud
Feb. 25 2021
Although it might be entertaining to see cows running toward the feedbunk and eagerly start eating, this is also a sign that they’re hungry. Unfortunately, they might be so hungry that it’s...
Feb. 15 2021
Farmers can best troubleshoot fresh cow issues by tracking health data as well as evaluating pen dynamics. What’s more, automated health monitoring systems have proven to be useful in making earlier...
Nov. 19 2020
Do you have a fresh cow protocol for your dairy cows? What do you include in your fresh cow protocol? What are some barriers to implementing these protocols on your farm?
Nov. 2 2020
“Milking is a complex interaction where the dairyman, the cows, and the milking unit need to work as one,” said Greg Strait, an extension educator in Pennsylvania’s Fulton County
Sept. 24 2020
At calving, cows find themselves in a negative calcium balance. That’s because they are literally drawing from their own calcium stores to put the mineral into milk
Sept. 9 2020
I know you’ve heard it before: “‘So-and-so’ is a cow whisperer; they seem to know a cow is sick before the cow does!” If you’re the lucky recipient of such high praise,...
July 27 2020
Sometimes, it seems as if there isn’t enough time in a day to get everything done that a person wants to
July 13 2020
Completing every cow’s lactation with antibiotic dry treatment has been a standard practice on dairy farms for decades