Sept. 29 2020
Nothing puts into perspective what is truly important like the possibility of losing it all
Sept. 28 2020
It was mid-January when a dairy manager and I scouted for inefficiencies within the herd. One tool I like is plotting milk production by days in milk to have an idea of the existence of cows with very...
Sept. 23 2020
‘Tis that time of year again. Everyone’s on edge for obvious reasons; harvest is a pretty big deal. For a lot of the country, it seems like corn in 2020 will be better than it was 2019, and...
Aug. 28 2020
For the first time in many months, I’ve spent the last two weeks at home with my family. Normally, I am back at school by now, and aside from my normally abbreviated winter break, I don’t normally...
July 28 2020
While June Dairy Month is now in the rearview mirror, some animal rights activist organizations will remain focused on the dairy industry
July 24 2020
If you’ve never seen the movie The Princess Bride, keep reading, but once you’re done, go watch it
July 8 2020
A dairy farm is not in the business of making milk. Say that out loud to yourself. A dairy farm is not in the business of making milk
July 2 2020
A year can go by at record speed, or at least that is how it has felt this past year. Often days and nights intertwined, and somehow, the seasons flew to the next without us having much time to hit the...
June 30 2020
For farmers, working with family can be an awesome blessing or one of life’s greatest challenges
June 25 2020
There are plenty of “How to” books available on just about anything . . . how to succeed, how to wire a building, how to be a better person, how to be inspiring, and the list goes on and on
June 15 2020
As humans, we often make extra food purposely, so that we have leftovers to eat the next day. That same philosophy doesn’t work for dairy cows, who need fresh feed daily
May 25 2020
If it’s been on your mind to consider farm expansion during this tough financial time, there is one question dairy lenders say is essential to answer
May 4 2020
Water quality, having a plan for dry cow housing, and learning how to work with calves in group housing. Those are the top three lessons Randy Gross learned from real-life experiences during a 2016 dairy...
April 10 2020
During the COVID-19 pandemic, milk is being dumped, while exports have disappeared and there is no milk and milk limits in my local stores
Jan. 23 2020
Maybe I look younger than I actually am. Maybe I don’t look like the “Rodgers.” Maybe I have a sign stuck to my back saying I can’t help you. Or maybe, just maybe, there is still...
Jan. 20 2020
When caring for livestock every day, dairy farmers realize that mortality is an unwanted but real consequence of agriculture
Nov. 1 2019
At World Dairy Expo, Chris Wolf, a professor in Agricultural Economics and Management at Cornell University, presented a seminar on the sometimes dreaded topic of dairy farm finances and decision making
Oct. 30 2019
In a meeting, I was asked what my main focus on the farm was, and I had to pause for a second to think about it
Oct. 17 2019
How many of you ladies would agree that when someone unfamiliar with your farm comes to visit, advertise, or put in a resume, they go to every male on the farm trying to get to the “owner”...
Aug. 22 2019
“Did you check the tanks?” “Yes.” “Did you check the temperature charts?” “Yes.”