Aug. 17 2018
AT $14.10, THE JULY CLASS III PRICE SKID to its lowest level since February’s $13.40. On the upside, futures at the CME traded near a $15.80 average for September 2018 to February 2019
June 18 2018
I just read the information in the item “Mycoplasma outbreak hits New Zealand” in the June 11 Hoard’s Dairyman Intel
June 14 2018
On June 2, the 2018 edition of the Cal Poly Classic Sale brought alumni and supporters to the Central Coast where the sale averaged an impressive $4,784.38
May 8 2018
As someone who didn’t grow up on a farm or have any direct ties to farming for most of my life, I often find myself feeling a bit jealous of those who can return home to their family farm