Oct. 11 2023
The milking center is at the heart of a dairy farm, and when the time comes to make updates, producers can be faced with a big decision
Dec. 14 2018
Finals week is around the corner and many college students, like myself, are trying to stay motivated to finish this semester strong. I thought comparing college finals to milking cows would be a fun way...
Jan. 24 2017
On January 20, 2017, we hung up the milkers in our parlor for the last time. Luckily not for the reason that seems to currently plague our industry – having to call the dairy quits
June 22 2015
Years have been devoted to studying cows' time budgets. In much the same vein, the farm as a whole also has a time budget; the majority of which is devoted to milking cows. And, with any job that is labor...
April 8 2010
by Dave Kammel, UW- Madison. Swing parlor, design factors and layout, 18 pages