Papillon Agricultural Company is celebrating its 30th anniversary during 2013. Founded by Tom Haschen in 1983, the Easton, Maryland, the company has become a trusted leader in the highly competitive feed industry by consistently providing high-quality, propriety products and excellent customer service.

"Papillon was established 30 years ago to develop, manufacture and market innovative products for the livestock industry. The company has always been dedicated to a high standard of business ethics and product quality and to exceeding the expectations of its customers," Tom Haschen, founder and CEO, says.

"During the last 20 years, we have focused solely on products that increase the feed efficiency of dairies. Products such as Dairyman's Edge® Pro for optimal rumen performance and Gemini Proteins™ for properly balanced essential amino acids are good examples of Papillon technologies that feed manufactures and nutritionists utilize to ensure good animal health and performance," Haschen says.

Papillon serves the dairy feed industry in the United States and in more than a dozen other countries. It has manufacturing capabilities in New York and Wisconsin as well as seven strategically located warehouses.

Papillon has a great history of success and is well positioned for continued future growth. "A company that is stable, well established, financially sound, and has an entrepreneurial spirit just naturally attracts top talent," says David Briggs who was recently promoted to President of Papillon. "Our current products in addition to the new technologies we are developing provide the basis for our optimism for gaining additional market share as well as for geographic expansion."

Papillon expects continued success and has a highly motivated team in place to take advantage of its business momentum. "We had an excellent year in 2012, thanks in part to our expanded marketing strategy. The same strategy has worked well in 2013; in 2014 we plan even greater media presence and custom marketing programs to help key customers drive more business," reported Alex Haschen, Papillon Marketing Manager.

Notables in the history of Papillon include:
· Introduction of Dairyman's Edge Pro, one of the first products to promote rumen performance
· Introduction of the first balanced, high-protein bypass supplement with more than 75% crude protein
· Pioneering work in amino acid nutrition and a leader in introducing a protein supplement to balance for the next limiting amino acids after lysine and methionine
· First to import large quantities of canola meal from Canada
· Developed the first commercial atmospheric ammonia monitor for the poultry industry
· Developed and sold one of the largest commercial research facilities for poultry and swine
· Developed and sold several allied industry companies
· Marketed the first portable, user-friendly analytical kit for mycotoxins

Members of Papillon Agriculture Company, LLC, take a break from the annual meeting at the Historic Tidewater Inn in Easton, MD, for the company's annual Golf Scramble. Pictured (l-r) back row Russ Dreikorn, David Briggs, David Cohen, Mark Winslow, and Bill Henley; front row Alex Haschen, Tom Haschen, David Heemsbergen, Bob Patterson, Brenda Roop, and Matt Kauffman.

About Papillon Agricultural Company
Papillon Agricultural Company, LLC, is a privately held company based in Easton, MD. Since 1983, Papillon has worked with nutritionists, feed manufactures and producers with the sole focus of enhancing farm and feed efficiency of North American livestock. The company has dedicated the last 20 years to the dairy feed industry and has built a sound reputation by providing high-quality and innovative products to the dairy feed industry.
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