July 20 2011 06:42 AM

    Environmental Issues

    Rules, technologies, and data relating to dairy's effect on the environment.

    Caring for fresh cows in the Georgia heat (5/20/2016)
    California cows at risk of eviction (4/27/2016)
    Bad EPA, bad! (12/18/2015)
    Pouring water down the drain (11/17/2015)
    The cleanest manure around (11/4/2015)
    Cows congregate where it's cool (8/11/2015)
    California drought looks worse than ever (3/27/2015)
    In California, the drought seems endless (2/06/2015)
    Farms will feel the heat from climate change (12/9/2014)
    What can you learn from cornstalk nitrate testing? (8/25/2014)
    Don't cry over spilled manure instead, act quickly (7/22/2014)
    In search of the most feed efficient cow (6/24/2014)
    Spring reminds us to think runoff control (3/24/2014)
    That's none of their business (3/21/2014)
    Don't blame cows for climate change (12/16/2013)
    Moving pasture-based dairy forward (10/29/2013)
    Animals and humans can coexist (10/28/2013)
    Educate yourself on feed versus food (10/14/2013)
    Excess exists with hunger (9/19/2013)
    The bottom line is food waste (9/12/2013)
    Precision dairy technologies will enhance cow care and management (7/2/2013)
    First in milk production, last in air quality (5/31/2013)
    Good water quality supports good quality milk production (5/28/2013)
    Pastures need extra care after a drought year (4/30/2013)
    Dairy marked two green, carbon-reducing milestones (4/26/2013)
    Milk may be white but it's meeting the green challenge (2/11/13)
    Corn and milk move hand-in-hand (11/22/2012)
    Setting the record straight on reproductive hormones (10/29/2012)
    In-line milk test is coming (10/17/2012)
    Oil production surge providing no fuel relielf (10/15/2012)
    Livestock producers are feeling droughts effects (9/17/2012)
    Who are our "Cows of the Future"? (9/13/2012)
    Sustainability: A warm and fuzzy feeling or a logical direction? (8/15/2012)
    Sustainability award recipient shares their story (4/12/2012)
    Is compressed natural gas dairy's future? (4/04/2012)
    "EPA will destroy this country" (3/30/2012)
    Carbon footprint dairy researcher returning to England (1/13/2012)
    New York dairy farms required to report large quantities of water use (1/05/2012)
    Say Cheese and Sustainability (11/21/2011)
    Going green? Follow the farmers' lead (11/08/11)
    Flipping an "on" switch for dairy energy attitudes (10/28/2011)
    Manure composting: Great benefits don't come easy (09/02/2011)
    Wild ruminants burp methane, too (8/31/2011)
    Will we be planting dry manure? (7/27/2011)
    California dairy goes solar in a big way (6/10/2011)
    Cost-benefit of an Idaho digester (5/18/2011)
    Digesters: dream investment or pipe dream? (5/11/2011)
    California's drought overor so they say (4/01/2011)
    From confinement to grazing (1/28/2011)
    NAEMS details and data released by EPA (1/19/2011)
    Dig further into manure (12/08/2010)
    Dairy is Arizona's first to go solar-powered (11/12/2010)
    Give yourself a grade in air quality (11/10/2010)
    FAO estimation of livestock emissions was bogus (10/20/2010)
    Our industry now knows its carbon footprint (9/22/2010)
    Air quality and cows: What goes in could be the real problem (5/17/2010)
    Cow with gas mask irks Californians (4/24/2010)
    Wisconsin study looked at air emission and odor control (1/07/2010)

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