Sept. 20 2011 10:37 AM

At the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences' new Swedish Livestock Research Centre at Uppsala-Lövsta, international and private enterprise researchers will be offered a unique research environment, where new animal production technologies can

"SLU in Sweden will have Europe's most modern facility for teaching and research on cows, pigs and poultry. SLU has a long tradition of providing important research for our business on how to improve animal welfare and dairy production; we believe that the new Swedish Livestock Research Centre will even further enhance the quality of the research that is done today", says Joakim Rosengren President & CEO, DeLaval.

The new center will work with both the DeLaval Voluntary Milking System (VMS) and the recently launched DeLaval Automatic Milking Rotary (AMR™) system in addition to a wide range of DeLaval products and solutions that are integral to the DeLaval Smart Farming concept. The DeLaval Smart Farming strategy aims at influencing and shaping the future of dairy farming; it is about innovative - and not least integrated - decision tools and automation that support farm management. Smart Farming aims to accelerate the transition from milking management to global farm profitability management by harnessing emerging decision tools and automation technologies for better quality milk and profits.

DeLavalAMR was developed with three key customer benefits in mind; profitability, farm management and flexibility. The main components of AMR are teat preparation, cup attachment and teat-spray modules, two touch screens to operate the system, automatic cup back flush, automatic floor cleaning and safety systems. The first AMR systems will have an up to 90 cows/hour capacity, depending on the number of robots installed. As many as five robots can be attached to the rotary. The system will start milking cows at Lövsta in September.

"We have a long standing cooperation with DeLaval. DeLaval is the natural choice of supplier to equip the Swedish Livestock Research Centre" says Kerstin Svennersten Sjaunja, dean at SLU's Faculty for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science.

The opening ceremony will be held in the late spring of 2012.