A collection of videos from the 2011 World Dairy Expo are available at our YouTube channel, www.youtube.com/HoardsDairyman.

We do have more videos coming, including the Supreme Champion Parade, William H. Peck's Distinguished Breeder Speech, and others. But, as of today, here is what we have included in our video collection : • Best Bred and Owned in the International Holstein Show • Holstein Senior Champion • Holstein Grand Champion • Intermediatel Holstein Champion • Steve Larson's Guest of Honor acceptance speech • Red & White Grand Champion • Klussendorf Presentation • Our Thursday Grilled Cheese Quiz • A view at the Bigfoot Monster Truck • International Brown Swiss Junior Champion • International Brown Swiss Champion • Harvestore, sponsor of our Expo coverage, introduces their FeedScan dg precision Feeding System • International Milking Shorthorn Champion • International Milking Shorthorn Junior Champion • Junior Holstein Show Champion • National Dairy Shrine Pioneers (1950-2011) • 2010 Merle Howard Winner, Stephanie Aves It was a great event for all of us at Hoard's Dairyman. We hope you enjoyed our web coverage. We'll be updating this blog page as more videos become available. Until next year, thanks for watching!
Learn more about Expo and previous award winners at www.hoards.com/hoardsatexpo

(judging contests, supreme champions, and honorees.)