Feb. 27 2017
“Two of the biggest reasons we are culling in our lactating herd right now are mastitis and feet and leg problems,” shared Luke Haywood, who milks 1,150 cows on his family’s Sand Creek...
Feb. 20 2017
“Prior to genomics becoming available, we would have been 90 percent proven sires,” shared Welcome Stock Farm’s Bill Peck
Jan. 4 2017
Genomic workshops recently held across the country gave dairy farmers, veterinarians, and students the latest information on genomics — past, present, and future
March 25 2016
A twist on pretty will debut at a Canadian cattle show in April. While no beauty pageant exists just for young ladies with IQs above 120, there is a pageant of sorts debuting in Canada next month for heifers...
July 1 2015
Genomic evaluations have become an essential tool in producers' decision-making toolbox. Yet, without type traits, genomics aren't worth much
April 17 2015
Free event will discuss strategies to improve fertility and profitability of dairy herds
April 1 2015
Genomics is taking away some of the guesswork
March 6 2015
Elite breeders have simple advice for dairies about how to get started. Genomics technology has taken the dairy breeding world by storm, giving milk producers tools to make dramatic improvement in their...
Jan. 25 2015
One of the keys for a breed to remain economically viable is the ability to make genetic progress, and small populations are at a large disadvantage in this respect. Genomic selection may create an even...
Jan. 15 2014
Advancing Dairy Cattle Genetics: Genomics and Beyond will be a must attend workshop for those who want to shape the future of dairy cattle genetics
March 8 2011
Genomics being adopted at a swift pace In less than two years since genomic-tested bulls were released for sale in Canada, young bulls have overtaken their progeny-proven barn mates by garnering 58 percent...
Oct. 15 2010
Strong believers in genomics, the Pecks are performing embryo transfer on 7 to 10 individuals every two weeks. Since its introduction two years ago, genomics has dramatically changed dairy cattle breeding....
Aug. 9 2010
A near capacity crowd attended the Monday morning genomics presentation by Holstein USA geneticist at the 125th annual convention in Bloomington, Minn., Tom Lawlor. During his presentation, Lawlor explained...
July 15 2010
by Bennet Cassell The author is an extension dairy scientist in genetics and management at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg. The dairy breeding industry has had a boisterous 2010. Genomic predictions needed a...