An economical source of saturated fat, Propel® Energy Plus supplement gives cows the energy they need in the form they need it most.

PurinaPurina Animal Nutrition introduces Propel® Energy Plus supplement, an economical source of saturated fat.

During early lactation, it can be a challenge for cows to consume enough energy to meet their needs. This challenge creates a need for supplemental energy sources, such as fat, to be included in the diet.

Propel"A solution to help lactating cows meet the energy demands of early lactation, Propel® Energy Plus supplement supports milk production while maintaining milk fat," says Elena Lindemann, lactating livestock marketing director with Purina Animal Nutrition.

Propel® Energy Plus supplement is manufactured with Purina Animal Nutrition's proprietary Macro Encapsulation™ Technology – to help deliver a concentrated energy source to the cow in a palatable and easy to handle form. "Unlike other fat sources, Propel® Energy Plus has easy handling and flowability - even in warm weather," says Lindemann.

Proven through research studies and field demonstrations, Propel® Energy Plus supplement is an economical saturated fat technology that allows rumen stability to be maintained while helping to maximize milk production without sacrificing milk fat.

In a Purina Animal Nutrition research trial, cows were fed control and treatment diets with equal total fat levels. The treatment diet contained Propel® Energy Plus supplement. Total unsaturated fat levels were 551 grams per day in the control and 320 grams per day in the treatment diets, with respective polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) levels of 276 grams per day and 235 grams per day. During the second week of the study, Rumensin® was added to the diet at12 grams per ton. The inclusion of Propel® Energy Plus supplement resulted in the 42 percent reduction of total unsaturated fat in the treatment diet, leading to an increase of 9.9 percent in milk fat yield.[1]

In a controlled field demonstration in Ohio, two pens of mid-lactation cows, with approximately 500 cows per pen, were fed diets containing an equal level of fat. Pen one received a ration containing 0.35 pounds of a leading competitive prilled fat product. In pen two the prilled fat was replaced with 0.70 pounds of Propel® Energy Plus supplement, to maintain equal fat content of the diets. Diets were otherwise identical. Results showed that animals fed Propel® Energy Plus supplement delivered a 1.6 pound increase in milk production, providing a greater economic return while maintaining components.[2]

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