Judge Ronnie Greer, presiding Judge in the Southeast Milk Litigation, has entered a Court Order authorizing the 2nd Dean Foods Settlement Payment in that historic food industry Class Action. This court document clears the way for Rust Consulting, Claims Administrator, to begin the process of distributing checks to Class Members living in Federal Milk Market Orders 5 and 7, which covers a significant portion of the Southeast. This payment is the 2nd of 5 total annual payments in the Dean Settlement Agreement finalized with Dairy Farmer Plaintiffs in June of 2012.

Slightly over $12 Million dollars in the Net Settlement Fund will be distributed to Class members in the coming weeks, although an exact date for claimants to expect checks is not stated in the Order. The Net Settlement Fund is the amount which remains from an initial $20 Million payment by Dean Foods into an escrow account in June, in keeping with standards approved by the Court. Deductions from the Initial payment included standard attorney fees, adjustments to the first round of Settlement payments, and Claims Administrator fees.

Class members who received their first Settlement payments in January of 2013 can expect to receive approximately one-third of the amount they received in the January payment.

The Court retains jurisdiction over all matters relating to the Dean Settlement until the terms of the Settlement Agreement are completely fulfilled. A more detailed report will be distributed later.
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