LEVUCELL SC is latest in the ADVANTAGE product line

LallemandLallemand Animal Nutrition is pleased to announce a new, ready-to-use formulation for the company's leading active dry yeast. LEVUCELL® SC ADVANTAGE Titan contains the same yeast strain, Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain CNCM I-1077, that the cattle industries know and trust, but now it's available as a ready-to-use formulation for use in any situation ? on-farm mixing, top-dress, etc.

"Lallemand Animal Nutrition is committed to addressing the livestock industries' needs, which has led to the introduction of an ADVANTAGE product line. The ADVANTAGE line includes premixed, packaged goods that are ready-to-use in any situation," says Michael Watkins, Ruminant Products Manager, Lallemand Animal Nutrition.

The proprietary formula of LEVUCELL SC ADVANTAGE Titan has numerous benefits for both beef and dairy operations:
· LEVUCELL SC ADVANTAGE is a naturally occurring, rumen specific active dry yeast, selected to help optimize rumen eiffiency
· LEVUCELL SC ADVANTAGE is available as a Titan product, which is the patented micro-encapsulation technology that allows for the product to be pelletized and remain viable
· LEVUCELL SC ADVANTAGE Titan is a ready-to-use formulation that also is:
· Easy-to-blend
· Available in a 50 lb box - 40 boxes to a pallet
· Resulting in 800 – 1oz or 10 billion CFU feedings/box

"LEVUCELL SC ADVANTAGE is fed to help optimize rumen pH and increase fiber digestibility resulting in enhanced rumen efficiency," Watkins says. "Now, producers can take advantage of the benefits of LEVUCELL SC with added flexibility for any feeding situation."

Lallemand Animal Nutrition is dedicated to the development, production, and marketing of profitable, natural and differentiated solutions for animal nutrition and health. Our core products are live bacteria for direct fed microbials and silage inoculants, specific yeast for probiotics, and high value yeast derivatives. More news from Lallemand Animal Nutrition can be seen on www.lallemandanimalnutrition.com
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