SemexSemex believes that Genetics for Life is about delivering the best possible product to our clients. By genomic testing over 5000 bulls in all breeds annually, Semex is ensuring that only the very best of the best enter our stud and are designated as a Genomax™ sire. These rigorous testing standards are certainly paying off as five of Holstein USA's top 10 TPI™ Genomic Young Sires belonged to Semex following the August 2013 genetic evaluation.

At Semex, we are very proud of these bulls we call Genomax sires," says Pierre Laliberté, Semex Senior Vice President, Genetics & Research. "They are the result of intense selection and offer tremendous potential for GTPI, GLPI, Type, Net Merit $, Calving Ease and many other traits breeders are interested in. While some bulls will be identified early as sires of the next generation, others are being used as groups in commercial environments, spreading the risk of lower reliability, while offering the herd new and top genetics."

Now, Semex is pleased to announce that the following new Genomax sires are available to be put to work in herds today, maximizing genetic gain and profitability:

  • 0200HO02935 Claynook Deductive

    • Numero Uno x VG-87-USA Planet x VG-88-USA DOM Elegant
    • Immunity+™ and HealthSmart™
    • +2455 GTPI, +888 NM$, +7.2 PL, 2.61 SCS, +2.64 PTAT and 6.5% CE

  • 0200HO03906 Velthuis B Ahead

    • Supersonic x VG-87-CAN Man-O-Man x VG-87-CAN 3* Goldwyn x EX-92 GMD DOM Atlee
    • HealthSmart and Robot Ready™
    • +2421 GTPI, +770 NM$, +3.4 PL, 2.81 SCS, +3.06 PTAT, +107 PTAF

  • 0200HO03911 Comestar Supersede

    • Supersonic x VG-87-CAN Man-O-Man x VG-88-CAN Lautama Goldwyn
    • Immunity+, HealthSmart and Robot Ready
    • +2381 GTPI, +790 NM$, +6.2 PL, 2.78 SCS, +2.56 PTAT and +2.0 DPR

  • 0200HO03927 Swissbec Brekem*RC

    • Bookem x VG-86-CAN Man-O-Man x VG-87-CAN Mr Burns
    • Immunity+, HealthSmart, Robot Ready and Red & White™
    • +2270 GTPI, +651 NM$, +4.6 PL, 2.83 SCS and +2.66 PTAT

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