Virtus logoHave you been searching for the 'perfect fatty acid profile' in a fatty acid supplement? You are not alone! In today's market, there are many bypass fat options and most products have slightly different profiles...making it important to understand what is behind the brand name or broad category. The profiles of these fatty acid supplements and their delivery mechanism (ca-salt vs. prill) can really make a difference in responses seen on dairies in both milk and component yield.

In this 5-minute video, Dr. Kevin Murphy, Global Technical Director for Virtus Nutrition, reviews the key differences in the fatty acid profiles of the main bypass fat supplements on the market today, along with the peer-reviewed research results.

What this video includes:
1) Quick look at the fatty acid profiles for calcium salts of fatty acids, palmitic prills and stearic prills.
2) What the peer-reviewed research says about fat-corrected milk responses across these supplements.
3) Key considerations for you to maximize the returns from your fat supplements.


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