Oct. 23 2013 08:09 AM

    KRONEThe new SmartCut cutterbar form Krone is designed to provide a perfect cut every time in every condition, including light crops. This is accomplished by the strategic placement of the discs on the cutterbar and their rotation direction.

    The discs turning outwards are set closer together to increase blade overlap for a superb quality of cut in light crops. In dense crops, the machine benefits from a larger gap between the discs turning towards each other to deliver a consistent and smooth crop flow. The combination of disc placement and rotation direction allow for an excellent cut in all conditions.

    The SmartCut cutterbar can be found on many of the new generation EasyCut disc mowers and mower conditioners. In addition, the SmartCut cutterbar offers several comfort features. These features include a fully welded, low profile cutterbar for close and even cuts, as well as quick change blades.

    Quick change blades make changing blades fast and easy. Beneath the disc is a spring-loaded plate. By simply inserting the quick change tool and pressing down on this plate, the blade can easily be removed and a new blade installed. The SafeCut hubs provide the ultimate cutterbar protection. This is accomplished by the system centering on a roll pin that connects each mower disc to the drive shaft. The roll pin will shear if the disc hits an obstacle. While the pinion continues revolving, the stopped disc spins up on a thread portion of the pinion shaft and is no longer in the area of the blades on the neighboring discs.

    Krone North America, Inc. is an industry leader in hay and forage equipment. Their innovative line-up includes disc mowers, disc mower conditioners, tedders, rotary rakes, round balers, BiG Pack large square balers, BiG M self-propelled mower conditioners and BiG X forage harvesters. To learn more about Krone and their products, visit www.krone-na.com.
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